Jun 13, 2008

Devil May Cry 4 - 12 Buttons PC Controller

A quick news here:
Here's some pictures of Devil May Cry 4 PC game part from Buffalo named "Hellfencer". A 12 buttons controller lets player enjoy even more than the console version did.

Trigger Button better feeling of the shooting action and Devil Trigger?
Grip Skin makes it easy to be handled for most situation.
Quality D-pad enhance to movement and direction control (or whatever).
Needless to say, it has vibration too! All you need is just the USB port, no convertor needed, and Hellfencer is compatible with PS3 as well. Check the link below for more information.




Berserker said...

Now, that's the type of PC controller that I need. Haha.

I wonder if the analogs have the same feel as a Playstation analogs? I can't stand it when analogs move too easily. That D-pad looks like it work well also.

sephirosuy said...

It looks flat for me, but the D-pad is very nice, since they made it special for this game, hope it won't disappoint. So you're going to get the PC version huh? haha..

Berserker said...

Eh, I really doubt it. The demo doesn't run well on my PC and I'm sure the game will be the same way. I don't really understand why it won't run well. I've basically got the required specs. :\

In a way, I wouldn't mind checking that controller out for the PS3 compatibility. 2-D fighting games are hard to play with the official D-pad on the SixAxis or Dual Shock 3.

sephirosuy said...

Ya there's no point to play if it doesn't run good :-( that's weird I'll gonna try the demo on the higher spec PC, find out whether it's the error in that game demo, but probably not :S

Ha, really hope to see your feedback of this controller, I'm still pending to get it lol

surculus1 said...

runs great on my 8800 gts dual core intel 2 gig xp or vista I just need a better controller