May 23, 2010

Final Fantasy XIII - Game Guide Data Base

- Last update on 05/23/2010 -

Mark Mission video Walkthrough!
(video provided by TakeTakeShi55)
- Mission 01-10
- Mission 11-20
- Mission 21-30
- Mission 31-40
- Mission 41-50
- Mission 51-60
- Mission 61-64

- Themes/Gamer Pictures
- Trophy List (PS3)

Official Website:
Misc. Data List
- Status List
- Item List
- Shop List
- Dismantle List
- Components

- Weapon / Lightning
- Weapon / Sazh
- Weapon / Snow
- Weapon / Hope
- Weapon / Vanille
- Weapon / Fang
- Accessories

Complete Official Guide:



Berserker said...

Awesome. I'll be looking forward to the in-depth guide.

Good to see you involved in FFXIII. I probably won't be doing anything for it this time.

sephirosuy said...

I'm more interesting to play the FF of iPhone now, so don't expect too much from me this time.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I really need help I'm playing FF1 on my iPhone and it's my first time playing this. My party is at lvl25. I was on my way to b5 of cavern of earth when my warrior and thief got stoned by cockatrice. I do not have the cure and my WM did not learn the spell that cures it. I tried many times to leave the cavern but since I only have WM and BM left, I could not even get to the floor above before my party got wiped out. Reloading the game did not help because my last manual save was at the same place (yes, stupid I know). So do you think I have to start a new game?