Jun 6, 2008

Square Enix's horror game on NDS


Game :
Nanashi no Game ナナシ ノ ゲエム
Plat. : Nintendo DS
Genre: Adventure Horror
Date : July 03, 2008 (Japan release)

So far everything look great, enviroment / atmosphere / sound / contents are good enough to be a horror game. But the funny thing is they have included minor "RPG" stuff inside, looks pretty weird, and the game has something relate to your life reality (play time, event, etc?) which is attractive. Anyway, maybe I can say Square Enix is "new to the horror"? It's quite interesting to see whether Square Enix could make the horror as good as its RPG. I hope to share some gameplay videos if I'm able to play this game.

Nevertheless, Nanashi no Game official site is here:


The second trailer has been released on 6/6/2008, and this is it:

Youtube version:

The first trailer:

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Berserker said...

That actually looks fairly scary to be a DS game. Very creepy music and I like that last shot with all the blood on the walls.

sephirosuy said...

Ya it's more like Kuon, Fatal Frame style horror, unlike the Resident Evil kind of action style. But anyway, DS really needs more games like this :)