Jul 8, 2007

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: GotR Job - Templar

Race: Bangaa

AbilityAPTyp.Train From:Effect
Astra200ASave The QueenRender units in a small area immune to debuffs.
Piercing Cry400AJavelinLowers the SPD of surrounding units.
Rasp250AApocalypseDepletes MP of units in a small area.
Discipline150APartisanRaises ATK.
Silence200ARagnarokSILENCES units in a small area.
Soul Sphere300AArch SwordDepletes MP.
Haste250ALohengrinRaises SPD.
Lifebreak400AKain LanceDeal dark damage equal to the amount of HP the user has lost.
Bonecrusher250RDragon MailCounter attack after taking physical damage. Always deals greater damage than that taken.
Attack Up300PTridentRaises ATK.

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