Sep 18, 2008

Featured - Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

The first RPG of Sonic series!!


Sonic and his friends band together to defeat a menacing new enemy in a distinctly new game that includes combat, skill, collectibles and puzzles, exclusively on the Nintendo DS. For Sonic's premier debut in the genre, leading RPG developer, BioWare (Mass Effect, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic) has created a slick blend of strategy and speed with fast-paced battles, character and party customization, and the ability to collect and trade items via DS wireless. Players will need to keep their wits about them at all times, as they will never know what will get them through the next challenge. With an engaging storyline, lightning fast attacks, high production values and impeccable visuals, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood allows gamers to experience Sonic in a whole new way.


  • Lightning-fast Combo Moves

  • It wouldn't be a Sonic game without speed and combo moves, and the precisely-timed control accelerates the 4-character team gameplay. Unique character combo moves bring exciting variety and strategy to battles.

  • New Party System Gameplay

  • Sonic Chronicles introduces the "party system" for diverse team tactics using each of the 11 playable character's unique and customizable skills and powers.

  • Over 20 Areas to Explore

  • Players will venture to new and classic Sonic environments while solving puzzles and dodging obstacles. Just as in combat, some challenges will require teamwork to solve.

  • Wireless Trading and Collecting

  • Collect several types of artificial Chao life-forms, each with varying power-ups and abilities that help in combat and elsewhere. Players can exchange their Chao with friends via Wi-Fi.

  • Epic Storyline

  • Sonic and friends must use teamwork and strategy to uncover and defeat the mysterious menace that is destroying their world. Along with a storyline filled with twists and turns, new characters add to the excitement!

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