Oct 22, 2008

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia - Walkthrough 1

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia walkthrough part 1.


#= Ecclesia

~Once you gain control of the character, jump to the top and open the door
to the right.

~After some scenes, you'll get some tutorials of the game. Press UP to obtain
the Glyph. After that, press START and select the "Glyph", set the Confodere
to both Y and X slot. Hit Barlowe as training.

~Afterwards, move right to get more training with some Skeletons.

~Exit to the hall. Top right room can find Barlowe for some hints.

~HIDDEN TREASURE: The opposite side of the Berlowe room (press DOWN to get it),
which contains Record 1.

~Now if you back to the right side where you start, you can find the Record 5.

~The second room in the middle level is a save room. Bottom left is to exit
the place. Leave here to the next location.


#= Monastery

~Follow the path, to right is a warp point. Climb up before the warp point and
check the left room can find a Magnes glyph and a save point.

~Middle area, check to room at left. Find the chest behind the cat to get
Max HP increment (Press DOWN and B to slide).

~Middle path to the right, destroy the statue for a hidden Culter glyph.

~By defeating Bone Scimitar, you may have a chance to get the Secare glyph,
which is quite useless at the moment, so spend a little time here to farm it.

~Next room, take the Book of Spirits relic from the chest. Jump up and break
the wall to the left, you can find a chest to raise max HP as well.

~At the right corner of the third level (image link below), break the edge to
discover a Red Drops.


~Make you way to the top area, save your game in the left room. Use the
magnetic fields to reach the top for a boss fight.

~BOSS: Arthroverta (HP: 700)
Just not hit too much in once. The magnetic fields on the top are used to
avoid the attacks from the boss especially the rolling hit. For his arm attack,
you can simply stay in a distance to dodge it, and his web attack is just like
how's the Skeleton throw the bones, quite easy to be dodged as well.

~After the fight, enter the inner room on the right to see a scene.

~Leave this place and head for the new location in the map.


#= Wygol Village

~Obtain the Torpor glyph from Nikolai to save him. That's all for this place.


#= Ruvas Forest

~Enter Ruvas Forest. Destroy the statue which is hiding a hammer glyph, Macir.

~Defeat the Nominon (flying enemy) as soon as it appears because it could
bring you alot of trouble if other enemies appear together with the Nominon.
Also beware of the Une that will trap you on the ground. Get pass the road
to the new location.


#= Kalidus Channel

~Move forward until you see the villager, Jacob. Absorb the glyph to save him.

~Right after the save room and the torches, break the block above for Twinbee.


~Continue to the right until you get to the exit.


#= Minera Prison Island

~Enter the area, a boss battle awaits.

~BOSS: Giant Skeleton (HP: 800)
Smartly use the Magnes to evade his attack. For safety play, equip the Macir
glyph, stick to the central magnetic field. You will able to hit the boss when
he's close. After one or two hits, immediately move yourself higher, so the
boss will get further from you. Now release the arrow button while holding R
at the magnetic field to lure the boss come closer again so you can hit him
again. Repeat this until the end if you want it easy.

~Move forward while avoid to be spotted by the security light, find a save
point behind the Magical Ticket treasure.

~The bottom of the save room can find some items as well as MP Max Up.

~Proceed through the path on top of the save room to the other side. On the
same floor as the save room, you may spot a small hidden room and the entrance
is blocked by a wall that you can break just behind the torch to enter this
room. Take the Priestess Ring in the treasure chest.

~Move to bottom, remember to get the HP Max Up from the chest at the corner.

~Follow the bottom path to the middle, a scene trigger as you meet Albus.
Absorb the Dominus Hatred glyph.

~Go right to the following area. You will face the pendulum and spiked crates.
Get through them by the combination of jump and slide depends on your style,
be sure you don't walk through the spiked crates of else you will be locked
and taste the damage of the pendulum.

~Check the last room on the right and save the villager, Abram.

~Head up, move left. Defeat the Invisible Man and The Creature next.

~Run up the stairs and another save room is on the right.

~Outside the save room, stick to the magnetic field and break the floor on
the right to discover a hidden item, Konami Man


~At the other side, you can find a statue hiding a Falcis sickle glyph.

~In the area shown below the second save room here contains a Vol Fulgur glyph.
Make sure you saved your game before you try to get pass the electricity.

~HIDDEN TREASURE: Move right, which is the last area of the map, if you alert
the security and able to defeat all the enemies, a secret treasure will appear
which contains a Strength Ring.

~Check the golden chest for the Glyph Sleeve before you leave.


#= Lighthouse

~BOSS: Brachyura (HP: 1800)
This fight is different, the boss attack from the bottom, so prepare the
glyphs that can hit lower area such as Macir, Torpor, and more. Always stay
at the lower left corner and attack because he will not attack this spot
at the start, be sure you hit the bubbles that are coming to you as well.
Pay attention to his arm because once you deal enough damage to him, he
might slam the different side instead of only hitting the top right part.
When the boss change to red colour, be ready to rush up to the higher area,
while he's breaking the ceiling, you can make more attack at the lower left
area. Repeat this tactic until you get to the elevator, kill the boss by
pusing down the elevator.

~After the fight, take the elevator to the top again, you can find the
Luminatio glyph.

~Get to the bottom of the map, save the villager, Eugen.

~Follow the path to left and will get to the chest with Serpent Scale,
and the other exit of the map.


#= Kalidus Channel

~You will enter the place from the lower part.

~In the second third area, search the treasure at lower left corner which
covered by 2 Needles to get Heart Max Up.

~As you get to higher area you can see a small room straight up from the warp
point (blue). You can reach to this room from the left path. Before this room,
you need to use the explosive barrel to break the rocks that are covered the
entrance. The way to move the barrel is move yourself through the space in-
between the barrel and the balloon. The items you could obtain in this secret
room are MP Max Up, Super Potion, and Heart Max Up.

~After the save room. Go to the opposite side can find the Fortis Fio glyph in
the statue. And the next area to the left can lead back to the top part of the
map. What you need to do is pull the explosive barrel to the rocks on the top
and then destroy it to break the rocks.

~While going down to the left area, you can find a shield glyph, Scutum in
the statue as well.

~Make your way to the lower right room because there's another villager,
Monica has to be saved.

~HIDDEN TREASURE: To the bottom left, get pass the treasure, and there's
a place can find a Specter. It looks like an empty place but if you crouch
in the middle you will discover the treasure contains a Magician Ring.

~Leave here to the left exit.


#= Tymeo Mountains

~HIDDEN TREASURE: Once you enter the place, crouch in the middle of the
candles to discover the treasure, Blue Drops.

~Next area, jump up to the right part to save your game.

~Head to left. Pay attention to the map while going up to higher area,
there's a hidden room on the left. Destroy the wall to enter this room for
an Empress Ring.

~Get pass the spikes area by using your Magnes. In the following area, stick
to the rigth while going up to find a villager, Laura inside the small room.
Move up abit can find the warp point on the left.

~Next area, explore abit in the left can find the Fides Fio glyph and
MP Max Up. Afterwards, take the top path to exit.


#= Misty Forest Road

~It's pretty straightforward, so just proceed with the only path. Save your
heart to defeat the Grave Digger easier with Glyph Unions.

~Come to the third area, break the statue for Vol Macir glyph. Use the
magnetic field to the higher area on the right to get a Sage, which is also
a quest item for the villager named Abram.

~Later will face the Enkidu and White Dragon. The faster you defeat the
White Dragon, the easier this battle will be. Try Luminatio when you have
chance to get near to the White Dragon, needless to say, other than Luminatio,
you should make more damage with your melee weapons in the same time. As for
Enkidu, he moves very slow, so can be dodged easily.

~Take the exit to the left to leave here.


#= Skeleton Cave

~Vol Macir is quite useful for this place.

~Proceed to the bottom. In the area where you see a group of Bone Pillars,
you can find another secret spot which is the edge of the floor separates
the Bone Pillars at the bottom. Hit the edge to obtain a Black Drops.


~The treasure behind those Bone Pillars contains an MP Max Up.

~Head left of the place, save your game at the save point before the boss room.

~BOSS: Maneater (HP: 2500)
A flying enemy, prepare some glyphs that can hit larger area. Do not let the
boss force you into the spaceless side, make sure slide to the other side when
you get the space below him. The bouncy red skulls are very annoying, recommend
destroy them when this thing has been released. Somemore, pay attention to the
tentacles especially when the boss stops moving, stay away from the direction
where the tentacles pointing to avoid the circles. Another possible move of
this boss is fly high and slam on the floor, it's very easy to be dodge, be
sure you get this opportunity to deal more damage.

~Proceed to the next room after the boss. After the scene, open the golden
chest to get Ordinary Rock relic. Finally you are able to perform the jump
in the midair. Save the villager, George, before leaving.

~Since you already received the Ordinary Rock, head to the middle level of
the map and go left. Inside he last room which protecting by a White Dragon
can find a HP Max Up.

~In the area near the entrance of the place can find a Heart Max Up from
the chest in midair.

~Afterwards, you may leave this place for next.


#= Minera Prison Island

~Lets back to this place because a villager cannot be saved during our first
visit. Move to the central of the map from the upper left entrance, and an
Axe Knight should be there with some plats lead to the top. Since now you
already gained double jump ability, it should be no problem to reach to the
top of the tower.

~Rescue the villager named Aeon on the top. There also contains the Tower Ring
in the same room.

~There's all for here.


#= Wygol Village

~Back to Wygol Village for a scene. Afterwards, leave the village and
prepare for the new location.


#= Somnus Reef

~Beware of the enemies here because most of enemies can inflict Poison.
The right room on the first level is the first warp point of the map.

~Proceed to the third area in the water can find Vol Arcus glyph from the
statue and an MP Max Up from the chest.

~Next area, take the upper exit to the left area, then break to wall at top
left of the following room to save a villager, Anna.

~Afterwards, make your way to the bottom. The left part is the second warp
point of the map. The Saint Elmo is unlimited spawning, so it's useless to
stay too long, use Luminatio to get rid of them when blocked. Grab the Heart
Max Up in the chest at the bottom and leave to the right.

~Save your game before the boss battlefield.

~BOSS: Rusalka (HP: 2800)
Make sure have at least one ranged glyph in the slot for this fight, needless
to say, you should choose the strongest you have. During the battle, try not
to destroy the fallen boulders because you can only dodge the damage from her
tsunami attack by standing under the boulder, somemore the fallen boulders do
help you to jump over the boss, so try keep it as many as possible. Always stay
in a distance with the boss and hit with your ranged attack. When you like to
get close to the boss for any attack, her flaw is only appear right after she
does any moves, but the recommended way is still... fight in a distance.

~After the boss fight, move to the right and be sure you take the HP Max Up
in the last room of this level.

~Make your way to the top, break to top left wall to save another villager,
Serge. In the same room, you can break the edge or the top right to obtain
the Vic Viper.


~Next, head to the right, search under water area before the exit can find
a statue contains a Vol Ascia glyph.


#= Giant's Dwelling

~You will encounter the enemy named Ectoplasm in this place, once you get hit
by this enemy you will be inflicted with Curse, which causes your MP empty.
Personally, I found Luminatio is an easy way to get rid of this enemy.

~Move forward until you encounter the first Ladycat. Get rid of the Ladycat
first, then destroy the edge at the top left corner to get a Temperance Ring.


~Next area you can find the save room at top left part.

~Save the villager opposite of the save room, Daniela.

~HIDDEN TREASURE: In the middle of the map, you will get pass the path with
some gaps and some skeleton enemies. Before you enter the next building,
means the end of this path, you can see a platform on the top right part.
Crouch at this platform to obtain the Black Drops treasure.

~Look for the room at bottom right can find a Vol Secare in the statue.
The Miss Murder enemy can drop the Vol Falcis glyph.

~Proceed to the top, save you game before the next boss fight.

~BOSS: Goliath (HP: 4200)
Movement speed very slow but damage very high. All his moves are easy to be
evade as long as you make it right, so basically is another easy fight too,
lets see the moves of the boss. 1st move: Jump; slide to the other side while
he's in the midair, when he lands on the grow you must remember he's another
nova around him. 2nd move: Punch the ground; when you see he steps backward,
get further from him until he disappears from the screen. 3rd move: Punch the
ceiling; you have to evade the falling blocks from the ceiling. 4th move:
Stomp; what you can do is keep yourself about 1-2 body space from his feet
and crouch to evade this move. 5th move: Crouch, he will give you a straight
punch if you attack him during this status. What I recommend for this fight
is Vol Ascis glyph because you can attack him in a distance and destroy the
blocks the ceiling, plus, the damage of this glpyh is not that bad.

~After that, head right to the next room to watch a scene. Absorb the
Dominus Anger glyph from Albus. That's all for here.

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-BlitZ- said...


-basic castlevania walkthrough, okay for me though, can i ask? where did you play OoE? a real nintendo ds? or just an emulator? im kinda having a hard time playing OoE right now hope to hear ur reply soon thanks,


sephirosuy said...

I play it on both DS and emulator due recording the screenshots.

-BlitZ- said...

then what kind of emulator did you use on this one? :) thanks for the reply

CatlevaniaMasta123 said...

ok,nice guide.go to google and type in ds emulator,or download bitlord and go to mininova.org

Anonymous said...

I got the Twinbee and Konami Man (the 5,000 points) but don't know when/how to use them.

KHE3 said...

Personally, one of the worst Castlevania ever. It looses original touch of exploring castle and searching for answers. It's to linear and to much arcade. Symphony Of The Night was best ever followed by Portrait Of Ruins and Aria Of Sorrow. This one was real disappointment.

xxx said...

how do you defeaT BRACHYURA in the lighthouse without getting hit much? and how do you doge the attacks when he turns red

xxx said...

and can you absorb nova skeleton's glyph befor he attacks?

Anonymous said...

you can, just hold up on ds and he wont be able to use nitseco.

Anonymous said...

nice guide. ermm, however could you make a detailed guide on how to get the ignis glyph(cus i cant seem to find it, im having trouble killing goliath)? thanks

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I love your blog!!! Really, thanks a lot for this 2 posts!! It helps me very very much!