Nov 11, 2008

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia - Glyph List / Data


*Glyphs sort according the listing in the game:
Offense Glyphs
Melio Confodere
Vol Secare
Melio Hasta
Vol Macir
Melio Arcus
Vol Ascia
Melio Falcis
Vol Culter
Melio Scutum
Dextro Custos
Dominus Hatred
Vol Confodere
Melio Secare
Vol Hasta
Melio Macir
Vol Arcus
Melio Ascia
Vol Falcis
Melio Culter
Vol Scutum
Vol Ignis
Vol Grando
Vol Fulgur
Vol Luminatio
Vol Umbra
Sinestro Custos
Dominus Anger
Back Glyphs
Vis Fio
Sapiens Fio
Felicem Fio
Arma Felix
Arma Machina
Arma Custos
Fidelis Alate
Fidelis Noctua
Fidelis Aranea
Dominus Agony
Rapidus Fio
Fortis Fio
Fides Fio
Inire Pecunia
Arma Chiroptera
Fidelis Caries
Fidelis Polkir
Fidelis Medusa
Fidelis Mortus

*Sort by level and name

Weapon Glyphs

GlyphATKMPDescriptionObtain from:
Arcus615A bow glyph013 Bone Archer in Minera Prision Isle.
Ascia815An axe glyph009 Axe Knight in Ruvas Forest.
Confodere65A rapier glyphBeginning of the game.
Culter38A knife glyphStatue in Monastery.
Falcis115A sickle glyphStatue in Minera Prison Island.
Hasta95A lance glyph014 Spear Guard in Minera Prison Isle.
Macir105A hammer glyphStatue in Monastery.
Scutum-5A shield glyphStatue in Kalidus Channel.
Secare88A sword glyph006 Bone Scimitar in Monastery.
Vol Arcus915This bow glyph fires diagonallyStatue in Somnus Reef.
Vol Ascia1230A powerful axe glyphStatue in Somnus Reef.
Vol Confodere1110A powerful rapier glyph041 Dullahan in Skeleton Cave.
Vol Culter3x216A double knife glyph086 Red Smasher in Dracula's Castle.
Vol Falcis1910A powerful sickle glyph052 Miss Murder in Giant's Dwelling.
Vol Hasta1610A powerful lance glyphStatue in Tristis Pass.
Vol Macir1810A powerful hammer glyphStatue in Misty Forest.
Vol Scutum-5A powerful shield glyph057 Lizardman in Tristis Pass.
Vol Secare1410A powerful sword glyphStatus in Giant's Dwelling.
Melio Arcus925Abow glyph that targets enemies automaticallyStatue in Misty Forest Road secret area.
Melio Ascia1645Superior axe glyph100 Great Knight in Dracula's Castle.
Melio Confodere1515Superior rapier glyphStatue in Dracula's Castle - Library.
Melio Culter3x324A triple knife glyphStatue in Dracula's Castle - Arms Depot.
Melio Falcis2815Superior sickle glyphStatue in Dracula's Castle - Arms Depot.
Melio Hasta2315Superiorlance glyphStatue in Dracula's Castle - Barracks.
Melio Macir2515Superior hammer glyph091 Hammer Shaker in Dracula's Castle.
Melio Scutum-5Superior shield glyphStatue in Dracula's Castle - Arms Depot.
Melio Secare2015Superior sword glyph095 Spectral Sword in Dracula's Castle.
Redire410A glyph to magnetize blades for additional effectTraining Hall

Magic Glyphs

GlyphATKMPDescriptionObtain From:
Acerbatus2244Call forth the power of spite115 Albus in Mystery Ruins (absorb only).
Cubus5x820A glyph that creates stonesCube blocks room in Monastery.
Fulgur5x525Summon a ball of lightning060 Thunder Demon in Trisits Pass (absorb only).
Dextro Custos1816Attack with the right head of Cerberus, guardian of hellDracula's Castle - Library
Dominus Hatred6666One piece of Dominus: unleashes a cluster of energyMinera Prison Isle.
Dominus Anger6666One piece of Dominus: summon a pillar of lightGiant's Dwelling.
Globus850Unleash an energy sphere116 Barlowe in Ecclesia
(absorb only).
105 Demon Lord in Large Cavern (absorb only).
Grando825Call forth freezing ice027 Sea Demon in Kalidus Channel (absorb only).
Ignis9x325Call forth burning flames031 Fire Demon in
Tymeo Mountains (absorb only).
Lapiste1720Pulverize enemies with giant fists of stoneDracula's Castle -
Underground Labyrinth.
Luminatio8x625Call forth a ball of light.Lighthouse top floor.
Morbus1225Command a forbidden curseDracula's Castle -
Mechanical Tower
Nitesco9x320Concentrate magical energy into a destructive beam082 Nova Skeleton in Dracula's Castle or Training Hall
(absorb only).
Pneuma1425Create squalls to sweep enemies awayTymeo Mountains.
Sinestro Custos1816Attack with the left head of Cerberus, guardian of hellDracula's Castle -
Mechanical Tower.
Torpor1020A glyph that incapacitates opponentsWygol Village.
Umbra13x225Command the powers of darkness036 Black Fomor in Misty Forest (absorb only).
Vol Fulgur3x240Call forth shocking electricitiyElectricity room in
Minera Prison Isle.
Vol Grando2740Create pillars of iceTristis Pass, top of the waterfall.
Vol Ignis7x640Create pillars of fireDracula's Castle -
Underground Labyrinth.
Vol Luminatio2040Call a ball of light that tracks enemies.070 White Fomor in Mystery Manor (absorb only).
Vol Umbra23x340Command the malice of the deadDark room in Mystery Manor.

Back Glyphs

GlyphATKMPDescriptionObtain From:
Arma Chiroptera-80Grants bat-like abilities035 Werebat in Misty Forest Road.
Arma Custos-80Grants the mighty power of CerberusDracula's Castle - Arms Depot.
Arma Felix-80Grants cat-like abilities077 Black Phanter in
Dracula's Castle.
Arm Machina-80Grants every ability of an automaton096 Automaton ZX27 in Dracula's Castle or Training Hall.
Dominus Agony-66One piece of Dominus: shrouds you in Dracula's magicMystery Manor.
Felicom Fio-80Grants te user temporary boost of LUCKStatue in Dracula's Castle -
Underground Labyrinth
Fidelis Alate380Summons guardians to glide down from above102 Winged Skeleton in
Dracula's Castle - Final Approach.
Fidelis Aranea280Summons skull spiders to skitter about when needed025 Skull Spider in Kalidus Channel or Tymeo Mountains.
Fidelis Caries280Summons zombies that fight to the death012 Necromancer in Ruvas Forest (absorb only).
Fidelis Medusa180Summons Medusa Heads in a strangely familiar pattern098 Gorgon Head in
Dracula's Castle.
Fidelis Mortus580Summons a lively assortment of the dead104 Jiang Shi in Large Cavern (absorb only)
Fidelis Noctua380Summons owls061 Owl in Tristis Pass.
Fidelis Polkir480Summon Polkir081 Polkir in Dracula's Castle.
Fides Fio--Temporarily increase MIND and magic resistance.Status in Tymeo Mountains.
Fortis Fio--Temporarily increase CON and physical resistance.Statue in Kalidus Channel.
Inire Pecunia--Temporarily increase amount of money received from enemiesStatue in Tristis Pass.
Magnes105Create and attractive magnetic fieldMonastery
Paries-5Pass through solid walls in specific locations117 Wallman in Dracula's Castle (absorb only).
Rapidus Fio380Enables faster movementDracula's Castle -
Underground Labyrinth.
Reflectio-80Increase the rate of physical regenerationStatue in Dracula's Castle - Library.
Sapiens Fio-80Temporarily increase INT and the effects of magical glyphsStatue in Oblivion Ridge.
Vis Fio-80Temporarily increase STR and the effects of physical glyphsStatue in Dracula's Castle -
Mechanical Tower.
Volaticus-20Allowing the power of flightDracula's Castle - Final Approach.

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Anonymous said...

you mixid umbra and vol umbra up

Anonymous said...

dude,put where to find it specificly!anyways,thanks

Josh said...

Where is the back piece of cerberus in the armory?

Samuel Moraes said...

How I make my owl gylph grow a level? It is always in Level 1. I used it so much, but the level don't up.

Samuel Moraes said...

You could put here what gylphs make a diferent union power and the cost of it.

Ken said...

Help me please...After I obtained Dominus Agony from the fight with Aldus, the battle with Barlowe can't start. Instead, my only choice is to use it but my HP continuosly diminishes and I can't go on to the next stage. (T_T) What should I do??

Awesome Guy of Totally Cool Stuff said...


You have to rescue all of the villagers before you fight Albus to move on. I'm sure if you Google you could find a list of their locations.

Anonymous said...

You don't level up summon glyphs through use. You have to absorb the glyph again. After you absorb it a set number of times, the level goes up. Max level for all summon glyphs is 3.