Oct 7, 2009

My forum and website network

Just want to inform everybody about my registered membership/user (or whatever) at the websites listed below are the "actual" me. The "sephirosuy" from other sites are NOT ME.

WebsitesName (status)
www.gamefaqs.comsephirosuy (active)
www.gametrailers.comsephirosuy (inactive)
www.chaptercheats.com sephirosuy (inactive)
www.gamerhelp.comsephirosuy (inactive)
www.supercheats.comsephirosuy (inactive)
www.neoseeker.comsephirosuy (inactive)
www.ign.comSodiac (inactive)
mycheats.1up.comsephirosuy (inactive)
www.youtube.comsephirosuy (inactive)
Yahoo IDsephiroth_y (active)
Google accountsephirosuy (active)

Maybe still got few more can't really remember, but usually those are inactive membership as well.

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