Dec 25, 2010

Season's Greedings from Angry Birds Team!

Angry Birds - Season's Greedings!

Just cleared the last stage of the Angry Birds Seasons (iPhone), and got this video, greeding from Angry Birds Team, good job! The game is fun!

Video made by Manu Järvinen & Markus Tuppurainen
Music & audio made by Ari Pulkkinen (

Talk about the new update - Season's Greedings, for my opinion it is easier than Trick or Treat (was Halloween edition), but it brings a great new challenge to the game. Other than all new tricky stages, the "anti-gravity" snow blocks are the main obstacle of the stages, it is easy to be destroyed but it won't fall when the objects below of it are taken out. The Season's Greedings took me a lot of time to clear although it has only 25 stages. Needless to say, I'll get all 3 stars next :p

My Game Center ID: sephirosuy

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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