Apr 26, 2011

I miss this Biohazard / Resident Evil!

I don't know how many of you like the classic Resident Evil camera view and play style since the new Resident Evil are no longer keep this kind of gameplay, and seems players like the new gameplay a lot. If not mistake, it was changed since Resident Evil 4 which you can move your aim to any where like FPS games. It's more like action style for me and the game doesn't feel like "horror", I feel scary in my first playthrough, but it was because "I scare cannot beat that boss", not the type of "horror" scare, and the same thing goes for newer RE too.

Here's Resident Evil (Biohzard) Outbreak File #2 game play video while players are having fun in the Elimination mode, that needs eliminate all enemies before the time is out. Hope Capcom make an Outbreak File #3 or at least something similar as Outbreak, I believe there ARE some players like it.


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