Apr 27, 2011

Square-Enix's Imaginary Range

Square-Enix's new title for the iPhone/iPod, Imaginary Range (イマジナリーレンジ). Ya Square-Enix is prepare for that since they have a team for smartphone platforms nowaday. The release date will be May 5, and the price is--get ready for this--free!

As for the genre, they're calling it a game x comic. As you read through the comic, there might be items hidden within the panels, or scenes that require you to clear a game to progress. It's neither an ordinary game, nor an ordinary comic. And the games are simple enough for anyone to tackle, so those of you who just want to enjoy the comic don't need to worry. Well, it doesn't sound like a real game for me :S

Here for asome words from our producer Mr. Hashimoto.

"I had planned for this project to be part of a MEMBERS Twitter celebration. Last year, I was thinking it would commemorate reaching 20,000 followers, but thanks to everyone's enthusiastic support, we quickly surpassed the original plan, and as a result, it has become a 25,000-follower celebration. We will be releasing on iOS and Android, platforms with worldwide penetration. During the initial stages, we proceeded with the development lightheartedly. However, with an original scenario by Tsukushima and illustrations by Itahana, we were able to create an enjoyable app. By all means, please enjoy it, and we look forward to your continued support of SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS."

Screenshots from Famitsu
Official Website

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