May 9, 2011

Street Fighter Motion Comic coming in August 2011

Street Fighter: The New Challengers is a brand new motion comic movie from Eagle One Media. Here's a four Minute Preview clip from Eagle One Media's upcoming 90 minute animated comic production based on CAPCOM's popular video game franchise and Udon Studios bestselling comic book series. Coming August 2, 2011.

Street Fighter: The New Challengers continues the epic saga as Ryu begins his journey around the world, Cammy's quest to discover her past takes a number of unexpected turns, Chun-Li's investigation into Shadaloo takes her from the depths of the Hong Kong underworld to the jungles of Brazil, and Ken must contend with a vengeful Vega who wants nothing but to turn Ken's wedding shower into a bloodbath. Many familiar faces from the Street Fighter universe return including US Special Ops Guile, and the spunky and determined schoolgirl Sakura, while fan-favorites such as Fei-Long, Gen, Balrog, Blanka, and Delta Red team make their debut.

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