Jan 31, 2008

New Fatal Frame for Wii (Zero ~ Tsukihami no Kamen)

Game TitleZero ~ Tsukihami no Kamen ~
Orginal Name零~月蝕の仮面~ (Fatal Frame for US)
GenreHorror Adventure
PlatformNintendo Wii
Release DateQ2 2008

Zero ~ Tsukihami no Kamen, also named as Fatal Frame: Mask of Lunar Eclipse (temperory name), one of the greatest horror games is coming to Wii in this summer (published by Nintendo). Likewise, camera, old houses, night time and dark, spirits and etc, the only big different is the control, now players play it with the Wii controller, which is a "better match with the horror game" said by the producer Keisuke Kikuchi. "..." what else? I'm not good at writing report lol read the newsletter from Tecmo Japan.



『零』シリーズは、霊を映し出すカメラ”射影機 ”を手に、廃屋となった日本家屋や地図から消えた廃村を探索しながら霊と戦うホラーアクションアドベンチャーゲームです。プレイヤーは物語の主人公となり”射影機”を使って霊と戦い、謎を解いていきます。じわじわと染み入り、這い上がってくるような不安、焦燥感、孤独感・・・といった真の「恐怖」を体験することができます。2001年12月に1 作目の『零~zero~』が日本で発売されて以来、米国、欧州でも発売され、そのゲーム性と独特の映像表現が高く評価されています。

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Berserker said...

I'm really interested to see how this Fatal Frame turns out.

I'm a little worried that the scare factor may be toned down on a Nintendo console, but hopefully not. After all, Resident Evil was even more frightening on GC.

Fatal_Frame2008 said...

Wii is gay. This game is better off on the ps3 and xbox 360. They're the only 2 with real HD display. Wii sucks if it has to steal this great game from ps2/ps3 just to get people to buy a wii.

beat_410 said...

yeah i think fatal frame would be better on the ps3 or xbox 360 because of the high resolution they have and they weren't made to be a kid console like the wii is so it would be more frightening on any of those two rather than the wii