Feb 3, 2008

Devil May Cry 4 - full Achievement list

Full list of Achievement. For other bonus and unlockable staffs, please check this page.


A Comfortable PaceClear Mission 11 in Human mode.10
Easy Does ItClear all Missions in Human mode.10
Half Way ThereClear Mission 11 in Devil Hunter mode.10
Done and DoneClear all Mission in Devil Hunter mode.20
The Best of the RestClear all Missions in Human mode with S rank.20
A Cut AboveClear all Missions in Devil Hunter mode with S rank.30
Smokin'!Get an S rank Stylish combo.10
Smokin' Style!!Get an SS rank Stylish combo.10
Smokin' Sick Style!!!Get an SSS rank Stylish combo.10
Simply SpectacularClear a Mission with S rank.10
River of RedObtain 10,000 Red Orbs.10
Filled with PrideObtain 10,000 Proud Souls.10
Rookie Devil HunterDefeat 100 enemies.10

Secret Achievements

Rock and a Hard PlaceClear Mission 11 in Son of Sparda mode.10
Hardly A Simple TaskClear all Missions in Son of Sparda mode.30
Easier Said Than DoneClear Mission 11 in Dante Must Die mode.10
All Bow Before YouClear all Missions in Dante Must Die mode.40
Step into the LightClear all Missions in Heaven or Hell mode.10
Tonight, We Dine in HellClear all missions in Hell or Hell mode.10
A Stunning FeatClear all Missions in Son of Sparda mode with S rank.40
Never Say DieClear all Missions in Dante Must Die mode with S rank.50
A Throne of GloryComplete all game modes.50
Nothing Left UnsaidClear all Secret Missions.10
The First CircleClear 10 Stages of Bloody Palace.10
The Second CircleClear 20 Stages of Bloody Palace.10
The Third CircleClear 30 Stages of Bloody Palace.10
The Fourth CircleClear 40 Stages of Bloody Palace.10
The Fifth CircleClear 50 Stages of Bloody Palace.10
The Sixth CircleClear 60 Stages of Bloody Palace.10
The Seventh CircleClear 70 Stages of Bloody Palace.10
The Eight CircleClear 80 Stages of Bloody Palace.10
The Ninth CircleClear 90 Stages of Bloody Palace.10
Covered in BloodClear all Stages of Bloody Palace.40
King of the PalaceClear all Stages of Bloody Palace with S rank.50
Speak of the DevilClear the game with Super Nero / Dante20
Modus VivendiMAX up Vitality Gauge.10
Bat Out of HellMAX up Devil Trigger Gauge.10
Your Cup Runeth OverObtain 100,000 Red Orbs.20
Red Orb MillionaireObtain 1,000,000 Red Orbs.40
Brimming with PrideObtain 100,000 Proud Orbs.20
Proud MillionaireObtain 1,000,000 Proud Orbs.40
Skilled Devil HunterDefeat 1,000 enemies.30
Legendary Devil HunterDefeat 10,000 enemies.50
Item CollectorPurchase all Items.50
Skill Collector - NeroUnleash all Skills (Nero).50
Skill Collector - DanteUnleash all Skills (Dante).50

credit: Vergil-Yamato


Berserker said...

I take it you already have DMC4?

Still waiting over here. Till Wednesday. :|

Well, I get the PS3 version then. I'll have to wait about another week for the X360 version since I ordered it from Gamestop.com with free shipping.

sephirosuy said...

The Japanese version is everywhere in Asia now :p But once again they screwed up for the PC version which was set to be released at the same time. Wondering PC version will come together with 360 and PS3 in US? because I saw that at Gamestop website before, the date was 5th FEB 08.

Anonymous said...

about that speak of the devil achievement, whats super nero/dante?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous over me:

After you complete either Son of Sparda or Dante must Die mode (I always forget which of them) you unlock the Super Nero/Dante Costumes.

After unlocking them you can, at the beginning of every mission where you normally select either normal or automatic for your character, switch between normal Nero/Dante and super Nero/Dante.

If you enter a mission as Super Character, you have an infinite supply of every resource (except Health). That Means:

- Infinite Devil Trigger: You can permanently stay in it, but in turn you do not refill health in Super-Character-Devil-Trigger-Mode like you do during a normal Character's D-Trigger.

- Infinite Exceed as Nero: As soon as you enter a Stage as Super Nero and perform a single sword slash, your Exceed goes full and stays full till the end of the Stage. All your Sword Slashes will be Exceed-Attacks enhanced with fire.

- Infinite Royal-Guard Power for Dante: His RG Power is always full, and you can perform the RG Counter Attacks infinitely and with full power. The only limit here is that the Super Armor won't last infinitely, it will drain the RG Power empty and end when it's empty, but refills instantly afterwards.

- Infinite Pandora Power as Dante:
Pandora is always usable without limits. You can spam Omen to clear every stage or sit in the flying Rocket Pod all day and spam Rocket Hails infinitely.

As you can see from that, the Super Costumes are really powerful, but come at a price.

1. As I said above, their Devil Triggers do not heal them.

2. Every Stage you complete in those Super Costumes will net you a really really big minus for your score. It will always go down by exactly 1.
If you get S for Time, S for Style and S for Orbs, you will still only get A as overall. If you get A/A/A you will get a B and so on. You can never achieve an S with a Super Character.

And for those 2 reasons, sadly, the Super Characters are worse for Bloody Palace then normal ones...
Sure, you can blast through all 101 Stages fast with Super Dante's Pandora (Omen-Spam or Rocket Pod), but you'll only get a low score for it.
Also, it is not possible to complete Bloody Palace at all with a Super Character unless with said Pandora Methods because you lose the Devil Trigger's Heal, which is the only way to survive there.

Anyway, I found it a little sad that the costumes have such huge disatvantages (the heal hurting more than the score imo), but I'm happy that they're in at least, they're still a lot of fun to use.

/end of random Anonymous Post about Super Nero/Dante.