Apr 22, 2008

The World Ends With You - Overview

The creators of FINAL FANTASY® and KINGDOM HEARTS bring a new mix of innovation and style to Nintendo DS™ with THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU. Drop into the center of Japan’s youth culture with this stylish new title, set to revolutionize the way that DS games are experienced with its creative battle system, distinctive art style and hip soundtrack.

With a completely unique take on the capabilities of the DS system, THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU takes familiar DS functionalities and adds an exhilarating new edge. The battle system challenges players to take control of two characters simultaneously, choosing from a variety of touch and sound commands to unleash dynamic psychic abilities. With a soundtrack that complements the vibrant, urban visual style and a plot filled with riveting twists and turns, THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU promises to set new standards for the next generation of gamers.

The story begins as Neku Sakuraba, an unsociable 15-year-old boy, unexpectedly wakes up in the Shibuya shopping district of Tokyo, Japan. While trying to understand his rude awakening, he receives a strange text message warning him that he will cease to exist unless he accomplishes a certain mission. Although he barely has time to grasp what is happening to him, he undertakes his assigned task on the mysterious streets of Shibuya.

  • Innovative Stride-Cross Battle System allows the player to control two characters simultaneously, unleashing special attacks with the stylus

  • Collect a vast array of custom-designed pins, each with a powerful psychic ability that can be activated with the right touch or sound command

  • Customize characters with Shibuya’s coolest fashions and exchange items with other players via Mingle Mode

  • Experience an amazing soundtrack, which combines musical influences from hip-hop to rock to electronica

  • Battle with up to three friends in Tin Pin Slammer, an exciting and fast-paced mini-game, via local wireless connection


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