Apr 23, 2008

The World Ends With You - Walkthrough Beat Chapter

Beat Chapter


<< 7 Days Left >> (Day 1)

#= Scramble Crossing

- Game 1 -
Reach 104.
Time: 60 minutes
Cost of failure: Expuncion

~Go left for events.

#= Statue of Hachiko

~In the first battle, press Start and select Gotta Bounce.

~Beat will pact with Neku, now you can defeat the monsters.

~Obtain (S) Fusion Boost, (S) Suit Cards, and 10,000 Yen.

#= West Exit Bus Terminal / Station Underpass

~Scan the right area near the entrance to locate a Green Noise, focus on Beat's
attack. Defeat this pig for Tektite.

~Go down to Station Underpass.

~Around the left of Station Underpass can find a Green Noise, defeat it for
Tektite as well.

~Head to right for an event. After that, go back to Scramble Crossing.

#= Scramble Crossing / 104 Building

~Talk to the Reaper blocking at the exit to 104 Building, then learn about
Beat's moves in the battle. Once you've done, you can reach 104 Building to
end this.

~Get Hot Gaze, 10,000 Yen and Scarletite.


<< 6 Days Left >> (Day 2)

#= Scramble Crossing

~There's a Blue Noise Symbol at the bottom area, Noise No. 66 Woolly AOR.
If you want to fight it, make sure you never touch its red glyph things on
the ground. For Neku don't use too many close attack. Beat can just keep on
jumping to evade the red glyphes. You could get a Cosmic Pull pin from this
Nosie on normal mode.

~If you go left to Statue of Hachiko, you can find a Green near the entrance.
Defeat it for Monkey Leisure.

~Now head to 104 Building.

#= 104 Building / Dogenzaka

~You can find some abilities from the 104 Building as well as (S) Extra Slot.

~Move to top right path to trigger a scene.

~In Dogenzaka will fight with the Reapers. After defeating them, you will
obtain (S) ATK Boost, Kewl Line and, 10,000 Yen.

~Scan in front of Ramen Don to locate a Green Noise, defeat the pig for
Lolita Bat.

~Now go left to A-East.

#= A-East / Concert Stage

~After the scene, talk to 777 in front of the stage to enter the fight.
Obtain (S) DEF Boost and Self Found, Others Lost.

~Check the Consert Stage for a fight.

~Inside Concert Stage, examine the belt (!!!) to enter the boss fight.

~BOSS: Pteropus Canor
Neku screen is dark, you can't attack the boss. Focus on Beat's attack until
you've brighted the bottom screen, meanwhile try move Neku to the back of the
boss to evade some hits since you can hardly spot its location. Once the light
is on, you can see the boss usually attack from the side, you can simply move
to its back and keep on hitting it, leave it attacking the empty space, but
beware of the crossing objects which will turn back and hit you. Never stop
attacking with Beat to form the fusion as usual, perform it as soon as it's

~Obtain (S) Block, Microcosmic Pull, Scarletite.


<< 5 Days Left >> (Day 3)

#= Scramble Crossing

~First of all, talk to the man in black around the right.

~Some side quests here, go left to Statue of Hachiko.

#= Statue of Hachiko / West Exit Bus Terminal

~Watch some scene, continue the path to left will enter a fight. Defeat your
opponents for 1,000 Yen.

~In West Exit Bus Terminal, go down and speak with the Reaper before the
Station Underpass. To answer his questions, choose A Mushroom, Mr. Mew,
Inpincible! You will get Hot Dog and 5,000 Yen.

~Enter Station Underpass, then exit and re-enter again for a fight, and you
will get 1,000 Yen for winning this fight.

~After all, return to Scramble Crossing.

#= Scramble Crossing / 104 Building

~Head to 104 Building for a fight, defeat the enemies for 1,000 Yen.

~104 Building, talk to Eiji/Prince near the entrance.

~Scan the right side and defeat the Green Noise for Diss.

~Scan the left side and defeat the Green Noise for Indestructo Man.

~Back to Scramblle Crossing and go Center St. Entrance -> AMX -> Tipsy Tose.

#= Tipsy Tose Hall

~Talk to Makoto and his boss, choose "I can't decide this for him" during the
event. Obtain (B) Black Cat Atlas, Vol. 10, then lately (S) Air Cancel,
(S) DEF Boost, and 10,000 Yen.

~Before you go, you can enter the Stride to challenge new Tin Pin opponents,
Grand Team. Reward of beating them is Tin Pin Artist.

~Leave here will get you into the boss battle.

~BOSS: Uzuki Yashiro
Just keep on going, chase and hit. If she moves in a distance from you, be
ready to dodge her shots. For Beat, pay attention for her position since she
can move instantly, always make the combo with shortest commend to charge the


<< 4 Days Left >> (Day 4)

#= Miyashita Park Underpass

See you at Towa Records.
Key's in the box.

~First, talk to Beat. After the scene, go left, but the wall is sealed.

~Now you can see some !!! objects around. Examine all four of it. If you would
like to solve this puzzle by yourself, skip this part until the Towa Records.

~Stay in the middle, erase the top left and bottom right Yellow Noise Symbols
out of the four symbols here.

~Talk to Beat (wait for awhile until the "..." appears on Beat) and select
Press it to open the box.

~Proceed to the right.

#= Miyashita Park

~Examine the !!! object. Now scan this area and erase all four bigger
Yellow Noise Symbols around (as shown in the moon sign hint).

~Talk to Beat and select Press it to unlock the box.

~Now the sun signed box appear. Scan this area and you should see four
Yellow Noise Symbols in a line. Erase the two in the middle.

~DO NOT try to open the box yet, back to previous area.

#= Miyashita Park Underpass

~Scan this area can find three Yellow Noise Symbols in a line. Erase only
the middle one.

~Afterwards, talk to Beat and choose Press it, and you should have unlocked
the box.

~Head to left for some events, then talk to Beat. After, you can back to
Towa Record.

#= Towa Records

~Be ready to face two boss battles in once, bring something to heal as well.

~Scan the area and cancel to trigger the fight.

~BOSS: Koki Kariya
He always like firing from further, so chase and hit him continuously. Once
he ready to shoot, stop all attack and focus to dodge his shots especially
the explosion shot from the mid air, beat has to jump in order to avoid from
taking large damage.

~Obtain (S) ATK Boost and 10,000 Yen.

~BOSS: Koki Kariya, Uzuki Yashiro
Neku will face Koki Kariya and Beat will face Uzuki Yashiro. Usually the
problem comes from Beat since Yashiro does many hits but Beat can only use
jump and block. I recommend pay more attention on Beat screen, whenever
Yashiro is going to do any move, block or jump depends on her moves, hit
her back as soon as she stops attacking. For Neku, fight Kariya as before,
chase and hit, try something that's able to stun him.

~Obtain (S) DEF Boost, Playmate Beam, and Scarletite.


<< 3 Days Left >> (Day 5)

#= Scramble Crossing

~First of all, there are alot of Green Noise pigs appear around the town,
lets go and find all of them shall we? And the shop in Statue of Hachiko
selling some nice accessories, take a look whether there's something suit
for your current status.

~From Scramble Crossing, move left until you reach West Exit Bus Terminal.
Scan around the right side for the Green Noise. If you don't have the aquire
pin, equip Beat with the items which boost his attack power and only use
Beat's attack to defeat it. Obtain Lolita Mic.

~From Scramble Crossing, move right to Shibu Dept. Store. The Green Noise is
near the entrance. Scan and defeat it for Adamantite.

~Continue to right until Towa Records. Scan the top left area to find the
Green Noise. Likewise, focus on Beat's attack if you don't have the pin of
that pig needs. Defeat it for Speed Factor.

~Head back to Scramble Crossing. Before your next destination, you can find
a Blue Noise Symbol at Dogenzaka, Noise No. 47 Goth Metal Drake, around the
left area of this place. If you gonna fight it, pay more attention on Beat,
always use jump hit. Its moves are deadly, however you can clearly notice
when it's going to attack your characters, so make sure you dodge its moves.

#= AMX

~Make your way to this place. Scan this place and you might notice two
different Red Noise Symbols around look a ivory, which are Noise No. 64,
Pachy R & R, probably a Noise that you haven't encountered yet. However,
if you followed the walkthrough, you would have found a Blue Noise Symbol
named Woolly AOR, and that was the stronger version of this monster.

~Here's probably a pointless thing but I would want to mention. You can return
to Scramble Crossing through Center St. Entrance, then return to AMX and you
will encounter 2 Reapers battles, 1,000 Yen for each battle.

~Before the next move, scan in front of AMX to find a Green Noise. You have
beat the pigs according to the number in order to defeat them. You will get
Stopper Spark for this.

~Head to left.

#= Tipsy Tose Hall

~Go speak with the Reaper on the left and defeat him. Obtain (S) Safe Landing,
(S) ATK Boost and 10,000.

~After that, scan the area and then cancel to trigger a scene.

~Continue to the left path.

#= Shibu-Q Heads

~You can find (S) DEF Boost and ATK Boost for Beat from the shop as quest item.
Now move left to trigger a fight. Defeat all Reapers for (S) DEF Boost and
10,000 Yen.

#= Udagawa Back Streets

~After the event, examine the !!! glyph in the middle, choose "Four days ago".

~Talk to Kariya and Yashiro and fight them.

~BOSS: Koki Kariya, Uzuki Yashiro
Same like the battle you faced before, but needless to say, they are stronger
than previous battle. Likewise, pay more attention on Beat, try block as many
attacks of Yashiro as you can. When she attacks from the mid air, I recommend
only block her shots until she lands down only return her some damage. For
Neku, put the Velocity Attack pin (or the better one is Wolf) so that you
can simple dash over the bolts that Kariya shoots. Nevertheless, also bring
a recovery pin into the fight.

~Obtain Flower of Flames, 10,000 Yen and Scarletite.


<< 2 Days Left >> (Day 6)

#= Scramble Crossing

~First, you may locate a big Black Noise Symbol here, which is Noise No. 48
Neoclassical Drake, not as strong as the Goth Metal Drake (the Blue Noise
mentioned above), but it's still a little challenging fight.

~Once you cancel a scan, an event will be triggered.

#= Scramble Crossing / Station Underpass / Udagawa Back Streets

~Lets do some side quests first. Move left until the Station Underpass.
Scan around the middle to locate the Green Noise, defeat it for D.I.Y.

~On the way back to Scramble Crossing, you will get into 2 Reaper battles.
Beat them to get 1,000 Yen for each fight.

~Go to the Center St. Entrance for another fight. Obtain 1,000 Yen for
defeating your opponents.

~Follow the way to Udagawa Back Streets, you will face another Reaper battle
on the way. Defeat him for 1,000 Yen as an extra reward as well.

~In Udagawa Back Streets, scan to top area to locate the Green Noise.
Defeat the pig for Lolita Emblem.

~Now back to Tipsy Tose Hall -> Spain Hill -> Molco -> Cadoi City ->
Towa Records and eventually to Cat Street. You will have some Reaper
fights on the way.

#= Cat Street

~Enter Wildkat for a scene. Obtain 10,000 Yen x2. That's all for this place.
Head back to Cadoi City.

#= Cadoi City

~Save your game, then examine the junk pile in the middle.

~BOSS: Sho Minamimoto (Taboo)
He's hard to be hit with melee attack, try use the pins that can stun or knock
him like Lolita Bat. For Neku, avoid getting damage by moving close to the boss
but not in front of him (either up or below him). For Beat, always remember you
have to prepare to block after one combo, after you have blocked the shots from
the boss only make your next attack. Also must bring a recovery pin for this
fight as well since it's a tough fight.


<< THE LAST DAY >> (Day 7)

#= Scramble Crossing

~Somemore side quests here if you would interesting:
- Enter and exit AMX from Center St. Entrance for a Reaper fight, defeat
them will obtain 1,000 Yen as extra reward.
- Head to Miyashita Part, scan bottom left to find the Green Noise, defeat
it for an Adamantite.
- Enter and exit Molco from Cadoi City for a Reaper fight, defaet them
will obtain 1,000 Yen as extra reward.
- Enter, exit and enter 104 Building from Scramble Crossing for a Reaper
fight, defeat them will obtain 1,000 Yen as extra reward.

~Move left, beat the Reaper to the Statue of Hachiko. Afterwards, follow the
only way to Station Underpass. Go right for a scene.

#= Trail of the Sinner

~You will get a mail as you enter this place.

Konishi wields shadows and illusion. You'll find
only lies with the naked eyes. During battle,
she always hides in the white darkness.

Begin bby casting Taboo Noise into the heart of chaos.

Then, once you find where she truly lurks, your real
battle will begin.

P.S. Beware of shadows.

~Continue to the right.

#= Rubicon

~Move right, save your game and make sure you set Beat auto play to Fast.
Talk to Sho Minamimoto at the end.

~BOSS: Tigris Cantus
1. At the beginning, the boss only shows on top screen, kill the enemies with
Neku to stop her from recovering. Attack with Beat until she changes her style.

2. Now you can fight like common battles. One thing is you should heal yourself
before you taken out all her yellow HP bar, because once she did the next
change, you will have not chance to heal.

3. Her second change will prevent Neku from using pin, now Neku can only dash
around to avoid from getting damage. For Beat, don't bother with clearing out
her shadows, I recommend only focus to clear out either left or right as you
like. So you will have more opportunity to hit the boss when she shows on the
side that you had cleared.

4. Neku will obtain the Rhyme pin, which is the only attack you can do with
Neku. You can only see the shadows around, what you can do is find out the
small yellow spark and tap it to locate the boss. Don't forget to dodge or
block the shadow attack while doing so.

~Obtain Rhyme Pin, (S) ATK Boost, (S) DEF Boost, 10,000 Yen x3, and Scarletite.

~Receive a mail:
See you in the Composer's Chamber

~Prepare for the final battles. Once you enter the next area, you can't save
your game anymore.

#= Trail of the Bygone

~Move on until the scene occur. Then examine the garbage heap to obtain
Pi-Face's Cap. After that, go right.

#= Dead God's Pad

~Talk to Kitaniji for the battle. Recommend prepare some pins which can
easily knock or stun enemy like Wolf, Fresh Line, Lolita Bat and more.
Needless to say, you must bring recovery pin too.

~BOSS: Megumi Kitaniji
Beat will face Shiki on the top screen and Neku will fight Kitaniji on the
bottom screen. Try block Shiki's attack, you can judge from her pose or the
timing for each attack. For Kitaniji, as mentioned stunning attack is quite
good to prevent this boss from attacking. Don't scare him, chase and hit him
more only will reduce his chance of doing attack. Like many other fights,
attack the boss from his back is recommended (dash to his back). And the
funny thing is you can just shoot a Lolita Bat to make him jump like monkey.

~Obtain Lightning Rook. After the scene, scan this area can locate a door,
tap the door for next area.

#= Trail of the Judged

~Follow the path to the end.

#= Room of Reckoning

~Head up for the final battle. AGAIN, re-check your pins and equipemtns
because if you lose and retry the battle you can't change them anymore.

~Personally, I use Wolf (drop from Noise No. 14 Grunge Wolf on hard mode) and
Mitami (drop from Noise No. 45 Doom Metal Drake or No. 87 Megumi Kitaniji on
normal mode), which let me defeat the final boss very easy. If you don't have
Wolf, you can try Velocity Attack or Velocity Tackle which have the similar
usage. Fly Line or Fresh Line are another great pins especially for dodge.

~BOSS: Anguis Cantus
Have Shiki attack keep on attacking on the top screen, block the fire from
the boss. For Neku, find the tail and deal more damage, and the tail normally
appears at the side of the area. When the head goes down, move Neku to the top
left or right corner to evade whatever the boss tries to hurt you. But make
sure you dash over his orange bubble, if you get caught by his bubble, destroy
it as soon as possible. By the way, you can hit his head to deal more damage.
The next battle will replace Shiki with Beat, just do the same thing to defeat
end this battle.

~Obtain Anguis.

~BOSS: Draco Cantus
This is quite annoying fight, he has five heads attack your from different
directions. Don't just stay and dodge too much, my advice is be more aggressive
and attack all the way as you can, but only thing is to choose the right moves.
As mentioned if you have Wolf pin would be very great, just drag Neku into a
dash to smash the boss AND HOLD the stylus so Neku will remain in the dashing
mode and keep on hitting the boss, recommend do this on the top left or top
right head. Right after the the Wolf pin is run out of charge, follow out with
a Mitami in between the heads, and this deals tons of damage if you get it
right. Don't stay in the middle too long because the middle head bites deal
heavy damage, and always dodge the orange bubble as well. Lately, you will see
a cutscene showing Shiki, Beat, then Joshua pact with Neku one after one, now
you may multiple your attack by pressing the button correctly as shown on the
top screen (left, right, up), that's mean late of the battle you can deal even
more damage to the boss. Don't forget to heal as well.


~After the ending scene, you can save your game. Load back the game to get
(S) Game Cleared.

~You can now select a day from the Chapter section under the Phone Menu.
All your inventory items will be carried over, and you can fastern any
scene or event you have already seen by holding L or R buttons. And a
side story "Another Day" is now unlocked.

~That's all for the main game walkthrough.


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maria said...

in beat day 6, HOW do you kill the pig in the Station Underpass??

"Scan around the middle to locate the Green Noise, defeat it for D.I.Y."

Sheedy said...

For the Iron Maiden's fight:

During part 3, if Neku stays in her shadow, the shadows on the top screen die so it's easier for Beat to focus on Tigris herself.

During part 4, Neku's shadow tells him which way she is. Pretend she is the source of the light. So if his shadow is pointing right (3:00), then she is actually left, (9:00), so look for the shadow to his left.

Beat's shadow also tells him where to attack. Same idea.

And to the person above me: The pig is invisible on the bottom screen, but you can guess and slash or whatever to hurt it. But mainly focus on the top screen, make sure your partner wears lots of Attack up items.

maria said...

Thanks Sheedy! that was all I needed... now I wonder what D.I.Y. means?

Maxine said...

I can't beat the Tigris Cantus(that bad girl) any advise?

Anonymous said...

what does SHOWN A DREAM mean in the mission report? can i get some info on that?

Anonymous said...

totally get it now. thanks kid.

Anathem said...

Maxine; there's no shame in using Easy mode on your first time. If she's still absolutely slaughtering you, level up a few times or try out some better items.

An awesome idea for the last boss; use not only the Wolf pin, but Tin Pin Wheel (Joshua Day 4 at Stride) as well. That way you can keep charging for ~1.3 times as long. I would also recommend having Splish Splash Barrier (evolves from Crackle Pop Barrier, dropped by Noise 54 on Normal), as it heals and makes you temporarily invincible.

Hope that helps.