Jul 30, 2008

Capcom - Chun Li Action Figure

REAL ACTION HEROES of Chun Li confirmed to be selling in this December (2008). Visit e-Capcom for more infomation.

Action Figure: Chun Li (Street Fighter)
Height: 12 inch (around 300mm)



Berserker said...

Wow. Very cool figure. I like how she's bendable enough to where you can actually put her in a spinning bird kick pose. Haha.

From my experiences though, the display piece always looks so much better than the actual figure shown. That's one of the main reasons why I don't buy any RE Neca figures - they just don't look as good whenever you actually see one of the storebought versions. I passed up the Jill, Chris and zombie figures because of that. I was looking for them but when I actually saw them in a store, they didn't impress me at all. :(

Hopefully the Chun-Li figure won't be like that though. They don't list any more characters besides Chun-Li on that site, do they? Kind of hard for me to navigate. :p

sephirosuy said...

lol spinning bird kick really nice huh? :p

This link does list more than Chun Li, including Jill, tyrant, and more, just noticed them were just announced in July and to be sell in this September. Hmm... perhaps the figures you saw are some old products? Or just what you saw?

Here's the link:

Berserker said...

I can't copy and paste that url at the moment. I don't have my comp since it is in the shop for repair - it's a very long story that I might rant about on my blog later. I just hope I don't lose a full week's worth of my Siren: Blood Curse guide because of this comp incident - didn't back it up prior to the computer error. :(

As for the figures that I mentioned, they are the NECA figures. Visit the NECA site to see them. I think they were the RE 10th Anniversary figures. They were based off the REmake characters of Chris, Jill, a zombie... and there was one other (can't remember the fourth). They didn't look good at all to me, once you actually saw the in-store versions. The display models online look alright though. NECA was the company that made all the RE4 figures as well.

sephirosuy said...

I see... but computer incident? I thought got you new comp this year don't you? Btw as long as the hard drive stays safe you files should be okay, hope your hard drive is still working :p

Berserker said...

Yeah, it was with my new comp - it's only four months old. Everything is fine now though.

Getting back to FAQing me some Siren tomorrow after a week's vacation from it. :p By the way, the dark problem that you noticed in Siren isn't really that bad in most chapers. The two chapters found on the demo are really the two worst ones that I have seen so far. It's either that or I've grown used to the dark. :p

sephirosuy said...

I see, so the game is actually not dark as how it was from the demo. Funny, how come they bought us the worst part as demo lol

So, soon enough we will see the Siren Blood Curse FAQ/Walkthrough by Berserker :)

Berserker said...

Yeah, I've spent a week away from it and have to get back into the rhythm now. I'm sure you know how that feels, when you've spent a long time away from a guide then decide to come back to it.