Aug 5, 2008

FFXIII Demo FFVII: AC Complete announced

From Square Enix's DKΣ3713 private party 2008 (2nd and 3rd of August):

Final Fantasy XIII demo for PS3 will be released together with Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete (Blu-Ray). Something like buy FFVII: AC Complete free FFXIII demo... whatever, assume my readers understand what I mean :p

The FFXIII demo disc also includes some (or just one?) game trailer of Final Fantasy Versus XIII (I'm not interesting with this) and Final Fantasy Agito XIII that will never release.

Okay, stick back to the topic. The Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete will be launching in March 2009, and it will also have a special bundle package with Sony PS3 console. The full version of FFXIII is currently set to be release in 2009 as well.

More titles announced for Japan:
- Dissidia: Final Fantasy (PSP) -> End of 2008
- Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep -> Early of 2009
- Kingdom Hearts 358/2 (NDS) -> End of 2008
- Final Fantasy Agito XIII -> Year 2009
- Parasite Eve: The Third Birthday -> Year 2009

The exact release date might be announced anytime soon, check Square Enix Official Site for the news.

Lastly, a few more words from myself, do expect Square Enix will delay the thing that's announced XD



Berserker said...

Hmm. Very interesting that they decided to make another Parasite Eve. Have they mentioned what system that would be on?

I'm hoping for another Vagrant Story eventually also. *fingers crossed*

Maybe I'll have an HDTV by the time that FFVII: AC Complete is released, so it will be more worthwile for me to get it. Blu-ray movies look quite impressive if you've got the right TV that can display them properly. I have the Resident Evil Extinction blu-ray DVD and it doesn't look any different from the normal DVD version on my SDTV - I actually bought both the Blu-ray and normal DVD of Extinction. Kind of ironic to have two versions of a movie that you don't like. I bought the Blu-ray version at the time because it had the RE5 trailer on it. :) Didn't have a good enough internet connection back then to watch it in its full glory.

sephirosuy said...

Oops.. forgot to put the platform for Agito and Parasite Eve. They were announced for mobile, and now they are going to release for PSP :) Assuming they will have alot of differences between mobile and PSP versions, but both named as same title.

If possible, I'll get another TV for that >.< next year really have to spend alot for video games lol Whatever, I'll always go for RE5 :p

Berserker said...

I'm definitely going to try to have a new TV before RE5 releases.

RE5 deserves clarity... along with being played in the dark... with surround sound... near midnight... while wearing my S.T.A.R.S. shirt... and S.T.A.R.S. cap... along with a comp... with MS Word... all set up and ready for me to type about my adventures...


sephirosuy said...

Wao, you have the S.T.A.R.S shirt? uniform? Really a big fan of RE. Don't forget Silent Hill 5 is another product pushing in the end of this year, a survivor horror just before RE5.

Berserker said...

Nah, I don't have the full uniform, though I wouldn't mind making one up. :p I have a S.T.A.R.S. Capcom T-shirt with the S.T.A.R.S. logo on the front of it.

With the new Silent Hill (SH Homecoming), I'm not really excited about it that much. From what I've seen, it deviates from the Silent Hill formula too much and becomes much more of an action game instead of a horror in the process. I don't know, I might enjoy it, but I'm going in with low expectations from what I've seen so far. On the bright side, I do enjoy the real time transformation to Otherworld when it occurs in the game - that's something I've always wanted to see in a Silent Hill ever since I saw the movie.

I'm really looking forward to Dead Space and Fatal Frame IV (if NA gets it) more than Silent Hill: Homecoming. Oh, and Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop for Wii. :p

sephirosuy said...

Only thing attracts me from SH5 was the new monsters which look "differently" creepy... I mean their creativity quite good for this.

Talk about Fatal Frame IV, if you don't mind to see some spoilers, you can find alot of video walkthrough from Youtube now, it won't dissapoint you I guess. I can't stop watching them once I started LOL The bad thing for me always remains in the Fatal Frame series, which is your character run too slow :p

Berserker said...

Nah, I'm not that big into spoilers. I'll wait.

Haha. The slow run is a trademark for the Fatal Frame series! It sort of increases the fear during encounters also - like you can't run fast enough to escape some enemies. And then there are those slow door opening animations that prevent you from escaping a room swiftly, haha. :p

One thing that I've always found unique for the controls in the Fatal Frame series is how you can simply hold a button and your character will automatically run forward without the need of holding a direction. My lazy gamer side loves that aspect when running down a long hall. :)

sephirosuy said...

The character animation is weird when she "run too slow", you know the speed is about same like walking but her animation is for running lol space run maybe? to fuit for the theme of "horror" :o