Jul 8, 2007

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: GotR Job - Arcanist

Arcane Magick
Race: Nu Mou

AbilityAPTyp.Train From:Effect
Death450ASleet RodAttempt to KO the target.
Drain300AHeretic RodTransfers HP from the target to the user.
Syphon300ATerra RodConverts MP from the target to the user's HP.
Gravity250AForce RodReduces HP by 25%.
Graviga450AStardust RodReduces HP by 50%.
Lv. 3 Dark450AFlame RodDeals dark damage to each unit whose level is a multiple of 3.
Lv 5 Haste450ALilith RodGrant HASTE to each unit whose level is a multiple of 5.
Lv. ? Shadowflare450ABomb ArmCast Shadowflare on all units who share the first digit of the caster's level. (Dark damage)
MP Shield450RMirage VestDamage taken depletes MP rather than HP.
Pierce200PRed RobeSpells cast by user are unaffected by REFLECT.

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