Jul 8, 2007

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: GotR Job - Moogle Knight

Race: Moogle

AbilityAPTyp.Train From:Effect
Moogle Attack100AFlametongueDamages and knocks back the target.
Moogle Guard200AKwigon BladeRaise DEFENSE and RESISTANCE until next turn.
Moogle Lance250AAtomos BladeAble to strike even distant foes.
Moogle Rush250AShadow BladeReduce chance of hit to deals heavy damage.
Moogle Shield200APearl BladeRenders target immune to next debuff.
Moogle Aid300AIcebrandRestoring the user's HP and purging debuffs.
Moogle Disarm350AParaiba BladeStrike a powerful blow, attempting to destroy a piece of the target's equipment.
Ultima Charge990AMateria BladeDerived from the most powerful of magicks, this is the ultimate onslaught ability
Critical Haste250RGolden ArmorGain HASTE when user becomes HP Critical.
Shieldbearer150PRound ShieldEnables the user to equip shields, regardless of their current job.

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