Jul 8, 2007

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: GotR Job - Beastmaster

Beast Lore
Race: Nu Mou

AbilityAPTyp.Train From:Effect
Baknamy150ADemon BellTake control of baknamy.
Sprite150AFaerie HarpTake control of srpites.
Lamia150AGlass BellTake control of Lamia.
Wolf150AWar TrumpetTake control of wolves.
Dreamhare150ALamia HarpTake control of dreamhares.
Werewolf150AFrigid ViolTake control of werewolves.
Antlion150AFaerie HarpTake control of antlions.
Shelling150AConch ShellTake control of shellings.
Malboro150ABlueleaf FluteTake control of malboros.
Deadly Nightshade150ALamia HarpTake control of deadly nightshades.
Cockatrice150AHeal ChimeTake control of cockatrices.
Flan150ADemon BellTake control of flans.
Bomb150ABlueleaf FluteTake control of bombs.
Zombie150ABlack QuenaTake control of zombies.
Ghost150ABlack QuenaTake control of ghosts.
Deathscythe150ABlack QuenaTake control of deathscythe.
Floating Eye150ABrilliant TheorboTake control of floting eyes.
Ahriman150ABrilliant TheorboTake control of ahrimans.
Headless150ASatyr FluteTake control of headless.
Behemoth150AShining LuteTake control of behemoths.
Drake150AHurdy-GurdyTake control of drakes.
Immunity150PSurvival VestNeither buffs nor debuffs can be removed from the user.

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