Mar 21, 2008

FFCC: Ring of Fates - Material List

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates (NDS) - A full list of Materials. Materials can be found with many ways (most of them) and from many different enemies, I'm only write down the easiest way that I found the material depending on my gameplay.
Credits: Lunar Eclipse, Kyattie, Kem70, Kijiyama, InuSan3o19o

Ruby150Order from Recipe Scroll
Sapphire150Order from Recipe Scroll
Citrine150Order from Recipe Scroll
Emerald150Order from Recipe Scroll
Amethyst150Order from Recipe Scroll
Onyx150Order from Recipe Scroll
Treasure in Abandoned Town
Crystal150Order from Recipe Scroll
Boss in Rera Ciel (Hard)
Petite Ruby50Shop
Petite Sapphire50Shop
Petite Citrine50Shop
Petite Emerald50Shop
Petite Amethyst50Shop
Petite Onyx50Shop
Dark Crystal50Any bosses
Crystals with the final boss (Multiplayer only)
Daedalus type enemy
Daedalus type enemy
Orichalcum250Order from Recipe Scroll
Daedalus type enemy
Bosses in Lunar Temple
Ultimite500Chimera type enemy (Hard)
Spiked Turtle in Crystal Temple (Hard)
Daedalus type enemy in Rera Ciel past (Hard)
Treasure in Rera Ciel past (Hard)
Meteorite500Bosses in Lunar Temple
Skeleton in Hill Caves (Hard)
Chimera in Crystal Temple (Hard)
Abyssian600Order from Recipe Scroll
Chimera in Crystal Temple (Hard)
Sahagin and Thunder Bomb in Hades (Hard)
Chopper Shard5Shop
Iron Shard10Shop
Mythril Shard20Shop
Spiked Tortoise enemy
Diamond1000Order from Recipe Scroll
Goblin in Rera Ciel (Hard)
Diamond Shard100Shop
Daedalus type enemy
Steel125Red Skeleton in Hades
Bosses in Lunar Temple
Boss in Mount Vaal (Hard)
Tree Branch5Shop
Oak Branch25Shop
Yew Branch250Mu in Ravine Forest (Hard)
Bat in Crystal Temple (Hard)

Silk50Order from Recipe Scroll
Leather50Order from Recipe Scroll
Fine Silk250Order from Recipe Scroll
Fine Leather250Order from Recipe Scroll
Iron Silk300Order from Recipe Scroll
Mythril Silk600Order from Recipe Scroll
Ultima Silk1200Order from Recipe Scroll
Red Stone25Shop
Flan and Bomb type enemy
Blue Stone25Shop
Flan and Bomb type enemy
Yellow Stone25Shop
Flan and Bomb type enemy
Magic Stone25Bat in Valley of Heroes (Hard)
Red Flan in Crystal Temple (Hard)
Red Orb150Order from Recipe Scroll
Seedspit in Ravine Forest
Blue Orb150Order from Recipe Scroll
Seedspit in Ravine Forest
Yellow Orb150Order from Recipe Scroll
Seedspit in Ravine Forest
Green Orb150Order from Recipe Scroll
Seedspit in Ravine Forest
Dark Orb250Order from Recipe Scroll
Bosses in Lunar Temple
Holy Orb250Order from Recipe Scroll
Bosses in Lunar Temple
Magic Sphere125Order from Recipe Scroll
Red Fay Dust5Shop
Crowd Bee
Lilty's alchemy mixer
Blue Fay Dust5Shop
Crowd Bee
Lilty's alchemy mixer
Green Fay Dust5Shop
Crowd Bee
Lilty's alchemy mixer
Dark Dust5Lilty's alchemy mixer
Treasure in Rera Ciel past
White Dust5Lilty's alchemy mixer
Treasure in Rera Ciel past
Seraph Dust100Order from Recipe Scroll
Sulful Dust100Order from Recipe Scroll
Sinners' Island (Hard)
Behemoth Dust5Order from Recipe Scroll
Zu Dust5Order from Recipe Scroll
Dragon Dust5Order from Recipe Scroll

Moogle Plant5Shop
Mount Vaal
Old Sword1000Boss in River Belle
Phoenix Down500Bat in Hill Caves (Hard)
Gaint Scorpion in Crystal Temple (Hard)
Mu Nose50Mu type enemy
Mu Fur10Shop
Mu type enemy
Skull50Skeleton type enemy
Bone10Skeleton type enemy
Stained Bone50Invisible Skeleton type enemy
Lizard Scale100Lizardman type enemy
Lizard Crest200Lizardman type enemy
Sahagin Fin100Sahagin type enemy
Stained Fin200Invisible Sahagin type enemy
Bomb's Soul25Bomb type enemy
Odd Angled Eye50Shop
Bat type enemy
Honey Acid50Shop
Crowd Bee
Flan Goop100Flan type enemy
Tortoise Shell25Spiked Tortoise enemy
Curious Petal10Seedspit enemy
Sturdy Vine10Mandragora enemy
Unknown Seed50Mandragora enemy

Chimera Blood250Chimera in Sinners' Island or Crystal Temple (Normal)
Feline Spirit500Chimera in Sinners' Island, Crystal Temple,
or River Belle (Normal)
Scorpion Shell250Boss in Hill Caves, Giant Scorpion in Crystal Temple
Scorpion Eye500Boss in Hill Caves, Giant Scorpion in Crystal Temple
Behemoth Horn500Boss in Abandoned Town
Behemoth Claw250Boss in Abandoned Town
Garuda Feather250Boss in Mount Vaal
Garuda Talon125Boss in Mount Vaal
Carniflower Seed250Boss in Ravine Forest
Mandragora enemy
Carniflower Fluid125Seedspit type enemy
Mandragora enemy
Ancient Scales500Boss in Rera Ciel (also in the Rera Ciel past)
Executioner Mask500Boss in Sinners' Island
Dragon Horn500Boss in Sinners' Island (Hard)
Dragon Scale500Boss in Sinners' Island
Old Hellish Iron250Skeleton type enemy
Sahagin type enemy
Bloodied Rag1000Boss in Hades (Hard)
Boss in Crystal Temple (Hard)
Secret Scroll1100Boss in Crystal Temple
Great Memory1500Final boss
Wandering Soul1500Final boss
Giant Crab Shell1250Boss in River Belle
Yellow Feather5000Chimera in Sinners' Island or Crystal Temple (Hard)
Treasure in Sinners' Island (Hard) <- random?
Treasure in Crystal Temple (Hard)


Aaron said...

Wow.. thanks, I found this site three days ago. it is very helpful. you rock!

Laren said...

COOL.. so far best FFCC NDS guide and walkthrough.. hope u complete the item list soon .. :)


sephirosuy said...

Welcome, it's done :P

Anonymous said...

old sword can be gotten at any difficulty level? because I beat it on hard 4 times now and i haven't got it yet T_T

sephirosuy said...

re-checked, yes it does drop the Old Sword but it's rare. However if you beat it on harder difficulty level would be easier to get it dropped.

Triiti said...

Theres a chest near the start of rera cyel (present) on hard difficulty that (as far as i can tell) is guaranteed to drop a Crystal. Other items list here drop in other locations too, but this is my first point of reference. Nice guide :)

MogFromLeipzig said...

Interesting list! Thank you!

"Lilty Chain 3: Chain two attacks with successive taps of the attack button!"

Shouldn't it be 3 attacks?

sephirosuy said...

Triiti, thanks for the tips.

MogFromLeipzig, yup it should be three :p was my mistake, thanks for the correction

Anonymous said...

you should make a scroll list next.

Triiti said...

It's cool. I know where some other item locations are, but can't be bothered to write an FAQ. If you want, I could list them for you.

Oh, and a Scroll FAQ would be nice (just wanting to know the best equipment in the game :) )

sephirosuy said...

It's possible, but wait me finish my current FAQ first :p Btw, I discover some new scrolls are in the US version, I'm not 100% sure but I read people posting in the forum saying the scrolls that I never found in my game (I only own the Japanese version).

Anonymous said...

i found everything
that list is pretty good
I´ll save it to my favorites
thx a lot

sephirosuy said...


Brett said...

Triiti's bro here. Read the guide. I'm ignore being the grammar nazi I usually am, and it gives a hell of a lot of decent tips, especially with the Magic.

I'll be willing to help out as well (me and Triiti play together), so if y'all need any help, just ask.

Oh, and I'm sure the spot Triiti mentioned, I think I got a Sapphire from there. Just seems like a guaranteed gem. I'll try to find all Hard/V.Hard guaranteed gem drops not listed, eh?

Anonymous said...

This is a great Material List, but there's still something I'm missing and I'm sure you could do it.

Im playing it since a few Weeks now, and I have the problem that I dont know what the heck the bonuses on some Items do.
For Example the Dragooner-Bonus on my Dragooner Helmet. I dont know what it does and I found no way to make a tooltip or somethin appear.
So, it would be nice if someone makes a list that shows what bonus you gain from which Special-Bonuses, or if there's a hidden Method of showing tooltips for these Bonuses that you could tell me.

Also it'd be nice to make a Weapon/Helmet/Armor/Misc Equipment list, although this'd be a damn lot of work and it will be too much for a single person...

sephirosuy said...

Brett, thanks for the info :)

^^ equipment bonus could be added soon. just to inform that your equipment bonus ability can be checking as you tap and hold the ability for awhile, and a short decription will come out.

Anonymous said...

Thats what I was searching for, thanks a lot sephirosuy! I would never have thought of tap&hold >_>

But now, this ain't a problem anymore, thanks again :)

Kräël said...

is there a scrolls list yet?

i hope so because i really need 1.

and can you write something on what the gem affects are and what can be used where.

BL from HONGKKONG said...

I really need to have "Mythril Silk" but I cannot order it from store.. where else can i get it?


Anonymous said...

I got one Mythril Silk from the shop, maybe late in the game? try play through the story first

Anonymous said...

For anyone looking, there's a nice DB of crafted items from scrolls being compiled on google docs.

burke said...

you can get petite gems from the flan at the top of the second area at sinners isle.

i think it is all gems but i cant be sure i havent killed enough.

Anonymous said...

I killed the boss in River Belle like 3 times already, but no Old Sword appears, What am I doing wrong?

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone.
Might be a dumbass question, but how can I turn on hard mode for some Stages?

For every Stage that I cleared some time ago, a little star with the word "normal" appears next to it now, I suggest this is supposed to tell me "Turn on hard mode somehow".

Anyway, I lost my Manual so I have no Idea how this works, and I googled a lot but could'nt find an answer by now. :/
Anyome might help me? :>

Anonymous said...

This is a huge help, thanks! I remember back when I was playing the GC version with my friends we would never start the game without a guide. We always had the pages with special loots for bosses and weapon lists dog-eared!

sephirosuy said...

I killed the boss in River Belle like 3 times already, but no Old Sword appears, What am I doing wrong?

It's a rare drop, nothing other than luck. You can check my secret dungeon and boss video at this page, the 6th item I picked was the Old Sword.

Might be a dumbass question, but how can I turn on hard mode for some Stages?

Assuming you're talking multiplayer mode. Clear all stages, get into Rebena Castle and there's another fight at upstairs. After that, check back the first stage in the map and now you can see the hard mode. You have to beat the stage to unlock the hard mode for the next stage and so on...

hope these help

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot Sephirosuy.
I'd never have thought of going into the Rebena Castle since there are only these Missions that aren't fun at all to do alone.

I bow to your wisdom :)

Anonymous said...

i have a question how would i go about getting the moggle outfit ive seen it in the book that comes with the game

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I wanted to thank you for your hard work to help us lazy bums to find materials ^^.
But I got also a lil' question here: where can I find the Zu Dust?
Because I've cleared the game once, and am now on hard mode... But couldn't find any Zu Dust...

sephirosuy said...

^ You can buy the scroll from the shop which is called Garuda Speck. The list is not updated :)

Anonymous said...

Ey Mith silk - miracle silk

old sword - maybe only in us version cuz i get like almost every time.

my fav armor (lvl 99)


shogun sallet
lords plate
oynx studs

i really dunno abt rest cuz i really only use yuri i hit 1k with him

Anonymous said...

This helped me find what I need for Seraph Dust, and now I have a Light Blade with a Citrine imbued. It's pretty sweet. No idea how high he hits now, he hit 200+ with Mythril Blade. Here's my guy so far:

Yuri LV44

Light Blade
Mythril Helmet (trying for templar)
Paladin Armor
Power Ring

Anonymous said...

Please I begging on my needs to know the EXACT location of the Vexing Card and Cursed Card. I need to know where it is at. You got to tell me please!! Thank you

sephirosuy said...

Vexing Card in Hades, Cursed Card in Mount Vaal on hard mode

Eidolon Sniper said...

I got my Cursed Card from Hades (US version) from one of teh barrels in the room with Flans, and where the bridge pops up leading to the boss stage (I think). I have this hait of revisiting all old areas again an getting the treasures that are found in the hite barels and treasure boxes (I got the Cursed Card from a white barrel). I just got lucky, I guess, to get a Cursed Card when I destroyed the white barrel (I'm on Normal mode, by the way). :P

Not sure if this is a good tip, but using Lilty pots - it doesn't necessarily mean that you HAVE to use Meeth in order to use the pot once it starts to float or sprouts wings. Use an urn in that section, have it transformed to floating un/winged urn, then let another character use it. In my case, I use Gnash cause of the double jump ability he has,lol. XD some sort of accidental discovery I had, frustrated with the many uses of the Lilty pot....@.@;; I also accidenttaly discovered taht while hanging from the pot (Meeth), the other characters also trail along with you (hanging down from Meeth). I guess it was an accidental discovery again, I have never been able to replicate that feat as I go around character leveling up right now, lol. XD

Anonymous said...

I have 3 old swords in my inv and everytime i kill the giant blue crab i get one.
but since i am a selkie i cannot weild it. I am lvl 44 and i want to kno whats the best wep/armor for my lvl

Orin-Darkstare said...

What Scroll do you need for ultima silk? and where do you find it?

Anonymous said...

hi, the chart is really helpful and i want to say thanks for that. but i was wondering if u could make a chart for where to get scrolls, because im looking for one of those "gufdsjfd"(the final weapon for Yuri) scrolls and I can't seem to find one anywhere.

Anonymous said...

hi, me again, thnx again, and I think you should make a moster chart. in the same format of the material list, though. for example:

Chimaera: located: crystal temple, river belle, etc.Possible loot:yellow feather, feline spirit, etc.

If you could make that after what you're working on now, that would be great. Thnx.

Anonymous said...

hi, me again again, sry for talking so much, but after u r finished with what u r currently working on, u should make a small chart on where the hidden moogles are.(the ones that give u stamps, and the traveling 4 shop)
thnx again again.

Anonymous said...

Dark Orb and Dark Dust is also dropped by the purple bomb in Rera Ciel past

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Intead of beating a Bat in Hill Caves or a Giant Scorpion in Crystal Temple for a Phoenix Down u can go up to Mount Vaal where u fought the bird boss and use the Yuke ability in the left plataform. U should see a yellow/orange feather, just go to it and pick it up like a normal loot. I think u can do the same in other boss areas but I only tried it there. XD

Anonymous said...

but for me,i got 2 old swords in only 3 tries i thought its supposed to be rare???my mode is hard.nice armor sephirosuy btw

Anonymous said...

Just buy the strat guide..

MARK said...

That helped so much.
It's a pain tryin' to find 'dis shit.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what you mean by "order from recipe scroll."
I'm trying to find iron silk.

Anonymous said...

"order from recipe scroll." should be order from the shop that's selling the scroll i think

Anonymous said...

but i looked through ALL the items that shop sells, and i can't find iron silk D:

do i need to complete the game first?

Anonymous said...

just a question, i keep getting drops from common (weak monsters), such as flans and lizardmen and such...dropping items on your list that say u can only get it from a scroll or from the shop.

can u explin that or is that a freak progralling accedents or something?

Anonymous said...

you can buy from the shop but the name of the scroll is different, but the scroll and the item dropped from the enemies might depends on the difficulty

Anonymous said...

ive been killing cloud bees for a while now and i havent found any honey i have to kill certain cloud bees or is it possibly rare drop?