Jul 8, 2007

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: GotR Job - Blue Mage

Blue Magick
Race: Hume

AbilityAPTyp.Train From:Effect
Magick Hammer-ABaknamyDepletes target's MP.
White Wind-ASpriteRestores HP equal to the user's HP.
Angel Whisper-ASpriteRestores HP and grants RERAISE.
Night-ALamiaSend all units into a magickal SLEEP.
Screech-AWolf typesDamage and CONFUSEs the target.
War Dance-AMost RabbitsRaises ATK of the units in a small area..
Roar-AWerewolfRemoves buffs from all units.
Sandstorm-AAntlionDeals earth damage and BLINDs units
in a small area.
Cornered-AGreat TortoiseDeals heavy damage when the user is HP Critical. User's HP must be in single digits to perform the attack.
Matra Magick-AAdamantoiseSwitch the target's HP and MP.
Bad Breath-AMalboro typesInflicts BLIND, SILENCE, POISON to the targets in a cone in front of the user.
Eerie Sound Wave-AMalboroSend chills through the target with a focused sound wave. Neutralizes buffs.
Unction-AFlankindCover units in a small area with viscous OIL.
Self-destruct-ABombSacrifice the user, dealing heavy damage to surrounding units.
Doom-ADeathscytheDOOM the target with a powerful curse.
Roulette-AAhrimanRandomly KO one unit (friend and foe).
Quake-AGolemDeals earth damage to units in a small area.
Expose Weakness-AThundrakeIntimidate the target, lowering DEF and RES.
Mightly Guard-AFirewyrmRaises DEF and RES.
Dragon Force-AIcewyrmRaises ATK and MAG.
MP Shield450RMirage VestDamage taken depletes MP rather than HP.
Learn100PLight SaberLearn the blue magick equivalent of any special monster abilities that target the user.
Immunity250PSurvival VestNeither buffs nor debuffs can be
removed from user.

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