Jul 8, 2007

Final Fantasy A2 Tactics: GotR Job - Juggle

Race: Moogle

AbilityAPTyp.Train From:Effect
Weapon Toss100AKrisThrow a weapon to target, inflicts damage.
Ring Toss450ACinquedeaThrow a ring around the target, inflicts STOP.
Molotov Cocktail250AKhukuriDeals fire damage and drives target into a BERSERK rage.
Ball Toss350AScramasaxDamages and CONFUSEs the target.
Dagger Toss400ASwordbreakerDamages and DISABLEs the target.
Smile Toss450AOrichalcumTarget takes the next turn.
Gil Toss100AJackknifeDeals damage with gil.
Sticky Fingers250RBrigandineCatch items thrown at the user and place them in the party's inventory.
Return Fire150RPower SashAvoid bow-based enemy attacks and fire an arrow back at the attacker.

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