Jul 8, 2007

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: GotR Job - Lanista

Race: Seeq

AbilityAPTyp.Train From:Effect
Souleater150AXankbrasSacrifice the user's HP to deal dark damage.
Sword of Darkness350AAncient SwordSteal the target's life force. Restore HP to the unit.
Sword of Light300AOgrenixSteal the target's magickal energy. Restore MP to the unit.
Haunting Vision300ADagriohmDeals damage and BLINDs the target.
Block!250ADiamond SwordRaises DEF of units in a small area.
Strike!250ALuabreakerRaises the CRITICAL HIT rate of units in a small area.
Charge!350AHardedgeDeals damage and knocks the target back. May also destroy the target's armor.
Razzle-dazzle450AVigilanteAbsorb the life force of surrounding units.
Dragonheart300RTournesolGain RERAISE after taking damage. Only works once per battle.
Blink Counter250RBone ArmletsCounter attack and knock back the attacker after being the target of an offensive action.
Tank300PPlatinum ArmorEnables the user to equip helms and heavy armor, regardless of their current job.

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