Jul 8, 2007

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: GotR Job - Parivir

Race: Hume

AbilityAPTyp.Train From:Effect
Wind Slash200AMurasameEngulf the target in a whirlwind. Deals wind damage.
Iai Blow*300AOsafuneAttack with a swift and deadly swing. Has a small chance of striking a vital organ, killing the target.
Blade Bash*200AAshuraStrike the target with the face of the blade, attempting to IMMOBILIZE them.
Shimmering Blade*400ANosadaStrike repeatedly at the target with a flaming blade to CONFUSE them. Deals fire damage.
Skyfury Blade*400AKotetsuStrike repeatedly at the target with a lightning-imbued blade. Drives the target into a BERSERK rage.
Hoarfrost Blade*400AAma-no-murakumoStrike repeatedly at the target with a frozen blade of ice. SLOWs the target.
Lifethread Blade*400AAdazakuraStrike repeatedly at the target with a dark-forged blade. Marks the target with DOOM.
Unburden Soul400ASumihomuraSacrifice the user, completely restoring all allies' HP and curing them of debuffs.
Strike Back250RBone PlateAvoid all back attacks and launch a counter attack in return.
Death Strike150PBracersMakes the user lucky. Increases chance to score a critical hit.

*Requires: Bladed Weapon

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