Jul 8, 2007

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: GotR Job - Sniper

Race: Viera

AbilityAPTyp.Train From:Effect
Doubleshot300ATwin BowAttack twice when the target is off guard.
Beso Toxico250ACranequinDeals damage and POISONs the target.
Death Sickle200AHades BowInflicts DOOM to the target.
Vanish300AWindslash BowConceal one's self from foes.
Marksman's Spite300AMax's OathbowDeal damage and deplete MP equal to the user's lost HP. (Requires: Bow, Crossbow)
Armor Shot300AFey BowAttempt to destroy the target's armor.
Weapon Shot300AMaster BowAttempt to destroy the target's weapon.
Wallet Shot350AHunt BowSuccessful hits score a large amount of gil.
Regenrate200RGaia GearGain REGEN after taking damage.

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