Jul 7, 2007

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: GotR Job - White Mage

White Magick
Race: Hume, Viera, Nu Mou

AbilityAPTyp.Train From:Effect
CureA100White StaffMagickally bind the target's wounds. Restore HP and deals damage to undead.
CuraA200Healing StaffMagickally restore a large amount of HP. Deals damage to undead.
CuragaA300Spring StaffMagickally restore a great amount of HP. Deals damage to undead.
EsunaA200Cleansing StaffMagickally purge the target of debuffs.
RaiseA200Staff of BlessingsMagickally revive the target, removing KO. Deals damage to undead.
AriseA400NirvanaMagickally revive the target. Removes KO and restores full HP. Deals damage to undead.
ReraiseA400Cheer StaffGrant RERAISE buff to the target. Automatically casts Raise on them if they are KO'd.
RefreshA400Staff of the MagiMagickally cleanse the target of debuffs unaffected by Esuna.
Turbo MPP250White RobeSpell cost twice their usual MP, but are much more potent.

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