Jul 28, 2008

Resident Evil: Degeneration announced


First full-length CG motion picture based upon the RESIDENT EVIL
(BIOHAZARD in Japanese) video game franchise
Details presented at Comic-Con International 2008 in San Diego

CAPCOM Co., Ltd. (Osaka, Japan – Representative Director and President, Haruhiro Tsujimoto; hereinafter “CAPCOM”) and Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Japan – Representative Director and President, Ken Munekata; hereinafter “SPEJ”) held a press conference at the Comic-Con International 2008 (San Diego, CA) and announced the details of “RESIDENT EVIL: Degeneration” , the co-produced full-length CG motion picture film to the world.

“Resident Evil: DEGENERATION” is the first full-length CG motion picture film based upon the Resident Evil video game franchise initially released in 1996. The film is directed by Makoto Kamiya (special effects director -- “Sinking of Japan”, “L Change the WorLd”), written by Shotaro Suga (“Ghost in the shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX”, “CASSHERN”), and produced by Hiroyuki Kobayashi of CAPCOM who has worked on video games such as “Resident Evil 4” and “Devil May Cry 4.” Digital Frontier (“APPLESEED”, “EX MACHINA”) has worked on the CGI production.. The film will be screened digitally at theaters from October 18th in 3 major cities in Japan , limited for 2 weeks..

Director: Makoto Kamiya, (“Sinking of Japan”,“L Change the WorLd”)
Writer: Shotaro Suga, (“Ghost in the shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX”, “CASSHERN”)
Production: Digital Frontier (“APPLESEED”, “EX MACHINA”)
Producer: Hiroyuki Kobayashi, CAPCOM (“RESIDENT EVIL 4”, “DEVIL MAY CRY 4”)
(screened digitally, screen time approx. 98 mins.)

Leon S. Kennedy and Clair Redfield, characters appearing in “Resident Evil: DEGENERATION,” are the two main characters in the video game “Resident Evil 2.” The story is set 7 years from the Raccoon City incident, with horrifying bioterrorism threats and zombie attacks in the airport the American Midwest.

RESIDENT EVIL began as a hit international video franchise created by CAPCOM, then made its debut on the silver screen as the live-action film Resident Evil (the international film title for RESIDENT EVIL), distributed worldwide by Sony Pictures Entertainment (hereinafter “SPE”). Resident Evil is the first trilogy of live-action movies to have come from a video game franchise. CAPCOM and SPE Japanese subsidiary, SPEJ, have teamed up to give birth to a CG animated RESIDENT EVIL with groundbreaking visual effects and a brand new original story line.

Since its initial release in 1996, the RESIDENT EVIL series of games has established a “survival horror” genre. This series has shipped over 34.5 million unites worldwide, continuing to captivate its fans as a powerful content.

Not only games, but this film series “Resident Evil”, “Resident Evil 2: Apocalypse” and “Resident Evil 3: Extinction” each grossed more than 100 million US dollars at the Box Office internationally. “RESIDENT EVIL 3” as known as “RESIDENT EVIL 3”, has grossed 2.8 billion and became the biggest hit of the series, adding to the high performance and public support for this franchise.

The full CG motion picture feature “Resident Evil: DEGENERATION” is currently in final stage of the production. Please do not miss it.

Source from Capcom


Berserker said...

It's really good to see the return of Claire once again (she looks fantastic), but in a way, I'm getting tired of seeing Leon. :p At least he doesn't appear to be as much of a gung-ho super action hero like he was in RE4. I'm hoping for more of an RE2 style Leon with Degeneration.

I'm really hoping that this movie doesn't disappoint and stays true to the Resident Evil games. Didn't particularly like the Paul Anderson movies altogether. The first one was ok as a horror movie but none of them really caught the feeling of the video game to me.

sephirosuy said...

Leon's design doesn't look as nice as he was in RE4, I hope they will make a little adjustment on his face design lol but probably they won't.

You know Capcom might face the bankrupt problem like Square Soft's FF: Spirit Within did before, assuming Capcom has to smartly make this movie done.

Berserker said...

Eh, you never know, but the main reason why FF fans didn't really care for Spirits Within is because it didn't really have any relevance to the FF games aside from a few aspects that they shared in common (a character named Cid, etc.)

With Degeneration, at least we have Leon and Claire and its probably cannon to the offical story of RE - I think Capcom has mentioned that it was.

I really enjoyed FF: Spirits Within myself. It didn't have the usual FF magic and summon spells and all the other FF material, but it was a good standalone movie I thought.

sephirosuy said...

Hmm... I see, you got your point, FF-VII: AC was a prove of success, but another reason is AC simply better that Spirit Within lol