Jul 26, 2008

Valkyrie Profile DS Japan release date confirmed!

Platform / Genre:
Nindento DS / Role-Playing (RPG)

Game Title:
ヴァルキリープロファイル ─咎を背負う者─
Valkyrie Profile: Toga o Seoumono / The Assuced One (current name).

Release Date:
2rd Oct 2008 (10/2/2008)

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Watch the first trailer here



Castor said...

This game is so good... I can't wait for a US version... and if there isn't going to be one... I weep. T_T

sephirosuy said...

Release of US version currently has been set to 3/17/09, and the name is "Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume"