Aug 17, 2008

Nanashi no Game - Walkthrough

Nanashi no Game ナナシ ノ ゲエム 攻略

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#= DAY 1

~Choose your character and name him/her.

~The game begins in the game world. First thing, go to top right corner of
the map and examine the well to get the Water Doll.

~Talk to the two old men near the gate to proceed.

~Back into real world. Move forward and turn around as the game requests.
After that, you will receive a mails, press SELECT to view your mails.

~Exit through the gate on the left area, you will come to another place as
displayed below.

Reference Map:

~Now you appear in the passage ("X" position). Move forward and check the
right door twice to enter.

~Enter the following room after you see the girl shadow.

~Move abit left to (C) point, you will hear some voice from behind. Now back
to previous room and open the door with light. Check both room inside (D) (E).

~Now back to (C), you can hear the theme song voice from other place. Find out
where the song comes will eventually reach to (F), search abit left will bring
you back into the game world.

~In the game world, move up until the end and talk to the two old men. Back
down to the village area and talk to the man in the top right room. Now go
middle and talk to the spirit from the well.

~Afterwards, you will back to the real world. With the flashlight, you can
find the ladder around your current place which is labelled as (G) on the
reference map above.

~Climb up the ladder, examine the bag on the right to end this.


#= DAY 2

~Begins in the game world. Check the empty stage in the middle to obtain
Forest Earring. Then check the statue on the top to proceed.

~You appear in the train. Now keep on going to left until the No.1 couch,
and the train light will be shut down.

~Now turn back to where you came and keep on going. After few time getting
through the No.4 couch, you will enter the game world again.

~In the game screen, you are about to take one out of four paths in the
junction, the correct path has been indicated by some flowers, so take the
path with flowers serveral times to get rid of this.

~Back in the train, examine the flowered door to exit the No.4 couch.

~Get pass the No.5 couch to see the ending event of this.


#= DAY 3

~During the starting scene, select "jiq-sogo.ts.ip" three times to begin.

~Head to left and take the last door.

~Follow the only path here until an event is triggered, open up the TS and
enter the game world, then prepare to run

~A ghost will appear as you will see it in the scene, now run to the
other side and use the door in the end.

~Go up the stairs to 2F.

--- 2F

~Follow the passage until the hole on the ground blocking your way. Enter the
room on your right, and you will eventually get pass the hole.

~Keep on going through the long path until you see a green telephone in the
corner. Face to right from this green telephone, there's another ghost coming.
Now run back to where you came.

~Some events occur when you back to the previous room. The character has broke
the TS, but have a look at the right, there's another TS on the machine.
Examine it to enter ther game world.

~Move up to see the wedding. Talk to the old man, bride, and bridegroom to
trigger the spirit.

~Follow the spirit to top right area. Also examine the tombstone to obtain
the Bloom Ring.

~Back the wedding area, talk to them.

~Head to the Inn there's just on the right, have a sleep inside the bottom left
room of the Inn.

~At night, you have to leave before the bridegroom or bride. Simply run out
from the Inn before he/she does, then the garden, and the bottom part of the
map. Perhaps you need a few tries to familar with the route. For the bottom
part of the map, try go pass the flower through the right area.

~After that, you will return to the real world. Get close to the door, you
can hear the ghost is getting closer, now open the TS (SELECT), then enter
the game world for awhile and exit, by doing so the ghost will disappear.

~Now back to the passage where you found the green telephone just now. Open
the last door of the passage.

--- 1F

~After another room, go down to the stairs to 1F, you will get mail twice
while going down to the passage.

~This area is quite big, but your objective isn't that complicated, just
follow the only path here. Always take the last door since most of the rooms
have been locked.

~While going through the second passage, you will see a ghost on your top,
I don't think he can hurt you if you run pass him, so just ignore him.

~Next, you will reach the room with some nets or cages, now be prepared.

~After the nets room would be a part leads to two doors. Take the right door
will get you to a room with a ghost. Now move one step in front to trigger the
awaken of the ghost, and then turn back to the previous room. Now in the
previous room, another ghost will appear in front of you, immediately turn
back to the next room again (that's mean the door right behind you). And the
ghost was on the bed has gone.

~Now take the next door to proceed.

~Come to the room of study, find a letter on the rack opposite of the door.
Check the letter to enter the game world.

~In the game screen, check the top right statue. Prepare for a long run.

~Once back into real world, a ghost appears right in front of you! Recommend
turn left to escape from her immediately, run to the door of this room.

~Full speed escape to where you came from 2F (the rounding staircase).
Once you reach there, this part will end. Just to remind your always take
the last door of the passage.



Reference Map:

~The first area, you have to reach to the escalator as display on the map
above. The G1 will spot a ghost there but doesn't seem she will move.

~As you proceed to the middle passage, another ghost will appear to chase
your from G2. Lure the ghost to the beginning area, since there's two paths,
run to the other path to get pass her pursue.

--- 2F

~Get mail again, check it if you like.

~Go forward until the junction, a ghost is staying at the right corner, ignore
him and take the left path.

~When you move near to the escalator to upper floor, another ghost will creep
out from the left of the escalator, just get back to the place where you see
the previous ghost, and the one from escalator will disappear.

--- 3F

~Just follow the passage here, there's one ghost around but he won't move.

~In the middle area, the passage has been blocked by the boxes. Now enter
the lightened room on the left.

~Another ghost is inside this room. Move to the first corner and turn left,
just watch the ghost appears and coming toward you, however he will change
direction before the second rack. Run over to the opposite corner and exit
through the other door.

~Get another mail. Continue to the end, ignore the ghost in the corner and
go upstairs.

--- 4F

~As you proceed through the passage of this floor you will encounter two
ghosts, both of them won't move as well. Needless to say, take the empty space
to get pass them.

~After receiving another mail, you will get to the elevator. But now enter
the UTA Soft Office opposite of the elevator first.

Reference Map (UTA Soft Office):

~From the door, move to point "S" and the computer will suddenly open. Move in
abit will enter the game world.

~In the game world, examine the flower beside the top right statue to obtain
the Crystal Pendant. Afterwards, talk to every statue there, the choose the
first option (hai).

~When you are back in the real world, the ghost has entered the room at
point 1, and his route will be 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> 5 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 -> 5 repeatedly.

~What you have to do for here is collect some useful documents in order to
leave here, and there are alot of documents in the room. What I did was
collect the two SUN Project documents on the table at point "X" and the
Staff Name List in the drawer of this table, then I'm able to leave. Again,
do not let the ghost gets you.

~Once you leave, enter the elevator just in front of you, select B2.

--- B2F

~A ghost appears to block your way, but will disappears in a few second.

~Just follow the only path here to advance. Near the end of the long passage,
a female ghost appeared to catch you, just don't stop your steps, run tight to
the left wall to run pass her. Go upstairs to end this.



~Get a mail at the beginning. Now head to the right part, examine the window
with a small hole to enter.

~Enter the following room will come to the game world.

~In the game world, go upstairs after the scene, enter the bedroom to sleep.
The second day, go upstairs and check the blue chests for Sunny Dress. After
this, talk to mother at downstairs. At night, talk to her again and then go
upstairs and enter bedroom to sleep. The third day, do the same thing will
get you back to the real world.

~From you current place, enter the take the right door, then the left door,
and move left to upstairs.

~After the staircase, enter the right room, the take the right door, and
the right door again. Now you should see the door with a crossed blue line
is just in front of you. Step forward and will see a photo dropped on the
ground. Examine the photo and then open the door.

~After the game world event, you appear at the main door of 1F. Go upstairs
and enter the right room twice. Open the door with alot of blood to trigger
an event.

~Now you have to escape from the bloody man, below is a simple way to be
referenced to escape if you don't want to find out yourself.

~Start from the first room where you seen the bloody man, take the door behind
you, left door, left door, go downstairs (left), after the stairs take the last
right door at the corner, right door (dining room), left door, finally the
window in front of you, which is the window you came from.

~Once success, you will see the event.



--- Old Street

~Once started, move forward and run pass the ghost from the side.
Becareful the ghost will chase you from your back.

~Second section, a female ghost from the right doesn't move, but lately
will chase you like the one before. Just go forward until the road block,
then take the path leads to the right on the field.

~Cross over the field and enter the "Do not entry" area.

~Move forward, take the only door here.

~Next area, walk slowly because a ghost will drop from the top, and will
disappear in awhile. Take the other door to advance.

~Next area, run pass the female ghost, also ignore the second ghost from
the left. Take door at the end to proceed.

--- Misaki Hotel

~First room; wait for the female ghost appears, then follow her back to
the front and leave from the door at rignt.

~Second room, seems nothing is here, just exit from the next door.

~Third room; a ghost is walking just beside you (left), you will probably
die in a second if you don't move. So quickly dash to the right and move to
the next room.

~Fourth room; take the door on the left.

Reference Map:

2 -> 3 -> 4 -> 1, and probably not
a problem to get pass him. The second one is going from A -> B -> C -> B -> A,
a simple way to get pass this one is wait at the doorway that's near point C,
run pass her through the space once the ghost heading to C from B, and exit
to next room before she does.

~Next room, enter the room 102 which is the second room on the left.

~Move few steps forward to trigger an event.

~Enter the game screen. Take your way to the church on the top side while
not getting closed to any of the spirit around. The last spirit guarding at
the church door will only leave her place once you cross from her front.
Check the bell in the church to obtain Love Tiara, then talk to the girl.

If you followed the walkthrough, the Love Tiara should be the last item for
the good ending, if you want to see the normal bad ending, leave this item.
Recommend save your game in the different slot after finishing this part.

~Once return to the real world. Head right to room 103 through the wall hole.

~Leave room 103, open the next door and go upstairs.

--- 2F

~Go pass the first corner of the passage. A ghost will appear at the next
when you reach around room 208, another one will appear from the previous
corner. Now enter room 208, when you exit the ghosts will disappear.

~Take the door in the second corner to upstairs.

--- 3F

~In the dining hall, get pass the first ghost from his side, then move to
the front and turn right, you could see the second ghost walking slowly from
the next door. Exit through that door once the ghost leaves it.

~Now make sure you turn left, because a ghost is coming from your right and
he's very close to you. In the end of this passage, another female ghost is
blocking the door. Get closer to the female, I mean very close to her but
don't touch her, because another ghost coming from your back, and both of
them will disappear while they both close to you.

~Enter the next room found a girl bend over the table.

~Enter the game world, talk to the girl.

~Back to real world, take the papers on the table, then leave this room.

~Now back to the previous areas and you will also receive mail in the room
where the two ghosts were. Once you reach the staircase, you will get back
to the old street part.

--- Old Street

~You appear in the tunnel area (remember the "Do not entry" part?)

~Now go back to where you came early on this day, you will receive some
mails on the way.

~Reach to the exit, a scene will occur, now prepare to RUN. Turn back
immediately and use the door that's near.

~Enter the game world, talk to everyone here, and there are 10 people here.

~Back to the real world, continue the only way in the tunnel. Eventually a
mail alerts your TS, and you should be around the small gate exit locate on
your left, if you still remember, there was a ghost appear from this exit.
After checking the mail, open the gate on the left to end this.



~Go forward trigger a scene in front of the watch tower.

~Enter the watch tower, turn left and go up. The girl ghost will block you at
certain points on the staircase, you can judge her appearance by listening to
her voice. Needless to say, stop when she blocks the stairs, and she will
disppear in a short while.

~Reach to the top, circle the tower once and you will see the girl ghost once
again, get close to her. Afterwards, back to the stairs and go down.

~Return to the entrance of the tower. Take the other door next to the entrance
where you came just now.

~Now what you have to do is find the 7 statues in the path within 3 minutes.
Turn abit left from the direction that you came out from the tower should
see the path leads out.

~Run down the path, examine the statue that you see, move in front of the
ghost that comes out from the statue. Do the same thing for all other statues
in the path.

~For the 6th statue (the leftern of the three statues together), you have to
go abit further to meet him because he won't face out as other.

~After finding all 7 statues, head to the end of the path. Stay in front of
the girl and press SELECT, then enter the game to find all spirits.

~First map, find the spirit at top right area.

~Second map, go upstairs and find the spirit inside the inner room.

~Third map, find the spirit inside the church.

~Fourth map, find the spirit in the middle.

~Fifth map, go top until the end, the spirit should be there.

~That's all for the game, hope you enjoy the ending.


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Berserker said...

Hopefully it will release over here in North America so I can put your guide to use. Good to see you writing for a horror game again. :D

sephirosuy said...

Thanks, actually I'm curious to see how best could SE make a horror game since I never seen one from them (or did I miss it?) Not very good actually :p

But since I've finished it and the game isn't that long, so I decided to write a simple FAQ for it.

kesadisan a.k.a Akari Ichinose said...

hey man! thanks this walkthrough come in handy...! :D
i was playing this game but stuck on Day 1...
did you got any translation of this game...
or maybe Game script translated...
so non japanesse like me can understand ^_^
including when in day 7...
wow much curios about that...

sephirosuy said...

Welcome, no sorry couldn't find any translated script for you so far, but I heard this game might release in English version, then I believe someone will write the script for that.