Jan 8, 2009

FFCC: Echoes of Time - Scroll / Paddle

Aura Shooter Tree Branch ×310Shop
Wood Grip Copper ×1
Tree Branch ×1
Elemental Paddle Copper ×3
Oak Branch ×2
Power Paddle Iron ×1
Oak Branch ×3
Little Thorn ×1
Queen Heal Iron ×1
One-Eye Wing ×1
Hard Smasher Iron ×3
White Dust ×3
One-Eye Wing ×1
Hard Basher Iron ×3
Copper ×3
Treasured PaddleIron ×2
Little Thorn ×3
170Drops from Lizardman
(N Quest: Invisible Stalkers 1)
Icicle Club Silver ×2
Blue Stone ×1
Flame Wing Silver ×2
Red Stone ×1
Star Mine Black Silver ×1
Grain of Light ×3
Old Man's Paddle White Silver ×1
Mimic Talon ×1
(N Quest: Monster Collector 2)
Thor Smasher Gold ×2
Yellow Stone ×1
Leaf Fan Steel ×3
Black Silver ×1
Cockatrice Feather ×3
270Chest (N Ruins 2)
Ace Mace White Silver ×1
Silver ×3
Elemental Gem ×3
Fidelity Paddle White Silver ×3
Protective Shell ×1
Elfin Waltz White Silver ×3
Magic Vase Shard ×1
320Chest (N Forest)
Skull Paddle Black Gold ×1
Bone ×3
Stained Bone ×1
Angel Head Black Gold ×2
White Silver ×3
One-Eye Wing ×1
Phoenix WIng Adaman Tusk ×3
Platinum ×1
Red Fay Dust ×10
PolluxPlatinum ×3
White Silver ×2
380Drops from Ahriman
(N Quest: Invisible Stalkers 2)
CastorBlack Gold ×3
Defense Propeller ×3
380Chest (N Tower)
Brawny Bonker Copper ×5
Little Thorn ×3
380Shop H
Great Paddle Iron ×5
Yew Branch ×2
Bone ×2
420Shop H
FreiherrinWhite Silver ×5
One-Eye Wing ×3
490Shop H
VicontesBlack Silver ×5
Yew Branch ×3
570Shop H
Evil Smasher Black Gold ×5
Seraph Dust ×3
White Dust ×5
640Shop H
Mythril Club Mythril ×2
Chimera Blood ×2
720Shop H
GrafinMythril ×3
White Silver ×3
770Chest (H Aquaducts 2)
General's Fan Steel ×5
One-Eye Wing ×5
790Shop H
Lemuria Club Mythril ×5
Lava Spider Claw ×1
870Shop H
HyacinthCopper ×10
Blue Orb ×5
940Chest (H Fire Mountain 2)
Platinum Paddle Orichalcum ×3
Platinum ×5
Mu Nose ×1
1050Shop H
Dark Paddle Orichalcum ×2
Black Gold ×3
1130Shop H
Zhuge's Uchiwa Phoenix Down ×3
Black Feather ×3
1320Shop H
Lamia's Paddle Abyssian ×3
Elemental Gem ×1
Dark Orb ×1
1500Shop H
Princess Knight Adamantite ×1
Orichalcum ×3
1620Shop H
Skull Diva Adamantite ×1
Abyssian ×3
Ebonite ×1
1800Mimic (H Gate)
RosenarmUltimite ×1
Curious Petal ×10
Albinore ×1
1800Chest (H Tower)
Grand Slam Abyssian ×3
Adamantite ×3
Giant Crab Shell ×2
1880Drops (H final boss)
Festival Fan Mu Parchment ×5
Scorpion Shell ×3
Curious Petal ×5
380Mimic (N River Belle)
Still Fan Mu Parchment ×10
Mythril ×3
One-Eye Wing ×5
940Mimic (H Library 2)
Diadora Bash Magician's Soul ×1
Curious Petal ×5
Garuda Feather ×3
330Chest (N Quest: Monster Collecter 3)
Tiamat Crunch Adamantite ×5
Carniflower Fluid ×1
Old Sword ×1
1880Drops from Galdes (H)
Mimic (VH River Belle)
Ishtar's Head Platinum ×3
Grain of Light ×5
Elemental Gem ×3
640Reward (H Quest: Treasure Hunt! 2)

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Anonymous said...

I got the scroll for Tiamat Crunch from the Mimic in River Belle on hard. I don't think it's exclusive to VH.

Kreg said...

It's not, i also got it at hard from the mimic at river belle

Anonymous said...

Yep u got that right! I too got it from River belle in hard.

Anonymous said...

is it hard to get it...i tried like 100 times and still no tiamat crunch

Sakibo said...

It's not exclusive to VH but in VH I think the drop rate increases.

Anonymous said...

lol i got the scroll but i need an old sword i can never get one

first time i faced river belle boss i strangely got 3! old swords

not i cant get em at all

i just got the skull diva :D 2 months 2 months!!

Anonymous said...

i need the old sword.....

Anonymous said...

Tiamut Crunch is so freakin easy to get in VH just raid the dungeon for the treasure chests and with a maxed stat char the boss is easy 2