Aug 23, 2009

Resident Evil: Degeneration - Game Basic


Button 1
Bottom right - Use Knife

Button 2
Bottom right (above Button 1) - Aim, Shoot, action, examine object

Button 3
Middle right (above Button 2) - Exit aiming pose (exists when aiming)

Button 4
Top left - Enter menu (Inventory/map/setting)

Direction Button
Bottom left - Move character, move laser point while aiming

Reload (shake the iPhone/iPod when the weapon is not full with ammo)


Easy, Normal, Professional. Enemies will be harder to die and deal more
damage on the higher difficulty level, and the money they drop after killed
will be decreased too.


During some events, a flash button will appear at either top, bottom, left,
or right on the screen. Players must press it within the time limit, which is
very short. Fail to do it would cause "Game Over".


The merchant allows you to buy and sell the items as well as tuning your
weapons to become more powerful. The items availability is totally based
on the game progression.


A treasure item usually (but not all) will be hiding in the crates/casing.
Obtain the treasure item will increase your money immediately, unlikely
Resident Evil 4, you have to sell the treasure only will get the money.
Purchasing a treasure map from the merchant will show all the treasure items
location in the map as a "Star".


Kill as much enemies as possible within the time limit.
Complete the game once to unlock this mode. You can select the different
set of weapons, but only one character (Leon) can be used in the game.

Main Menu

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