Aug 23, 2009

Resident Evil: Degeneration - Walkthrough



#= 1F - VIP Area

~Climb the ladder in the hall, and jump down to the other side.

~After fighting with some zombies, move right (North) to find a crank handle.

~Go South-West and open the shutter with the crank handle. Destroy the crate
right after the shutter to find a Brooch ($200).

~Get close to the door to trigger an event.

~Go to North-West exit, shoot or knife down the lock on the door to proceed.

#= B1 - Staff Area

~The first quick time event in the game.

~Go South, obtain Security Protocols Note on the ground. The following room
will meet with the first merchant.

~Proceed to the Southern most and take the Security Keycard on the ground.



#= 1F - Arrivals

~Move to South. Defeat the zombies, then get into the plane.

#= Crashed Plane

~Proceed to the West part, obtain the Passenger's Will and then leave from
the door at the end.

#= 1F - Arrivals

~Get close to the operative for an event, he will give you a Shotgun
afterwards. Besides, some Shotgun Shells are around as well.

~Take the door at East to end this chapter.



#= B1 - Underground Network

~Run down the path, destroy the crates for some items.

~Obtain the Password Memo in the left room. After that, a quick time event
with an "old enemy" will occur.

~A merchant is inside the left room, have some upgrades if possible.

~Proceed to the North-West door, break the door lock and open the door.

#= VIP Area

~Defeat the zombies.



#= 1F - VIP Area

~Before you leave, search the counter room for a Platinum Necklace ($800).

~Next room, obtain Handgun Ammo near the door.

~Move to North-West to the objective at B1.

#= B1 - Underground Network

~Run down the passage to the South-East and unlock the door to the objective.

#= B1 - Infirmary

~Take the medical supplies on the table, prepare for the quick time events!

~Boss fight: Tyrant
If you are not familar with the 180 degree turning, just keep a distance
before you shoot. When he came closer, run away from him. Aim for his
red spot when you shoot. Needless to say, you should use your Shotgun to
get him down faster.

#= B1 - Underground Network

~After the fight, use the South exit, take the Shotgun Shells, Spec, Ops memo
and Handgun Ammo found in the passage.

~You can find the merchant in the small room on the left side.

~Head back to the North-West exit. Before that, you will have to dodge the
smoke with during the quick time event.

#= 1F - VIP Area

~Back to the room with you met Claire.



#= 2F - Duty Free West

~Head to South-West and enter the Security.

#= 2F - Security

~Cross the passage to the East part. Shoot the casing in the small room around
the East corner to find a Gold Watch ($1000)

~Move North to 1F area can find the Merchant in the second room on the right.

~Last room on the left can find a Brooch ($200).

~Kill the zombies to obtain the Activiation Card 1 and use it to the computer.

~Now back to 2F, don't forget to unlock the door to Underground Network near
the staircase.

~In the middle area, you will face some zoombie dogs, better get rid of them
from far. If the dogs rushing to Leon, try use left/right move while in the
aiming status to dodge it.

~Right path crate hidding a Gold Watch ($1000).

~Move North to obtain the Activation Card 2 on the ground. Use it at the
computer on the right.

~Check the unlocked room to end this chapter.



#= 1F - Duty Free East

~Take the About Shutter Control log ont he floor.

~Go North, run up the escalator to 3F. Reach to the last room and
jump down to 1F.

~After the scene, open the shutter and kill all zombies out there.
Prepare your Shotgun for the zombies in group.



#= 1F - Duty Free East

~South-East room can find a Gold Necklace ($500)inside the crate.
Explore around the area to find some ammo.

~Take the North-West exit.

#= 1F - Duty Free West

~Move to the South hall and push the switch to open the shutter on 2F.
The passage to the West can find the merchant.

~Go up to 2F, kill the zombie dogs and enter to the VIP Lounge.

#= 1F - VIP Area

~You will get the Underground Network Pass in the event.

~Take the North exit, obtain a Brooch ($200) in the crate.

~Move all the way to North to reach Underground Network. Beware when you
turning the corner because some zombies are just hidding tight to the wall.

#= B1 - Underground Network

~Go to the South-West part of this area. Unlock the door to next area.

#= 1F - Baggage Reclaim/Warehouse

~Move West and then to North. Check the switch on the wall. After the call
from Hurrigan. Take the West door to Warehouse.

~In the Warehouse, kill the zombie to obtain Replacement Fuse. Get to inner
area to find a Replacement Wire.

~Back to Baggage Reclaim, examine the switch near the conveyor again to
place the Replacement Fuse and Wire.

~Now move to the South-West area and claim the ladder. Kill that fat zombie
up there, then press the switch.

~Back to the conveyor that's near the switch and now you should able to
get through.

~Next area, go left can find a Platinum Necklace in the casing. Right to find
the merchant, I suggest fully upgrade the Shotgun firepower here if you have
not done yet.

~Take the conveyor after the merchant to proceed.



#= Cargo Hold

~Explore around for some ammo. Use the lift when you're done.

#= VIP Plane

~Obtain the Pilot's Card on the ground which is written ID: 6991,
beware of the zombies.

~Check the corner at right from the beginning spot to get a Handgun Ammo
and the Pilot's Notebook.

~Move to the North end, check the spoiled panel near the door and input
"1996" as the password.

~Afterwards, check the hatch near the door.

#= Cargo Hold

~Boss fight: Tyrant 2
Sicne there's a time limit, so shouldn't run too much. Just blast him with
the most powerful weapon, make sure stun him by shooting his weak spot on
his chest. If you have a shotgun with max firepower, this battle won't last
very long.

~Afterwards, you will get into a quick time event.



#= Arrivals

~A merchant can be found in the left (North) room. The Magnum is available now.
The inner room of the merchant can find a Silver Ring ($1000).

~Follow the passage to East, turn right (South) at the first junction to get
the Baggage Worker's Pass. Check the crate at the North from the second
junction for a Gold Necklace ($500).

#= Baggage Reclaim/Warehouse

~Exit to the door at West.

~In Ware house, take the door at South.

#= Generator Tunnels

~There only one way you can go now. Don't forget the check the crates at
South and North to get the Diamond Ring (&2000) and Gold Ring ($1500).

~Go to the West end and examine the panel.


Chapter 10

#= Generator Tunnels

~Just a chain of quick time events with Tyrant 3.


Chapter 11

#= Warehouse

~Boss fight: Tyrant 3
First of all, run tight to the right side to dodge his initiate attack.
Keep running to the further area but don't run into a straight line, cross
the containers, pillars with zig zag style to the boss. When the boss can't
spot you in several seconds, he will just stop move, so only you make the
attack to him with you powerful weapons.

After getting enough damage, the boss will destroy the gate at North-East in
the event. Now the boss will appear near to that gate no matter where he was.
Now press the switch on the pillar as shown during the event. Try any way to
lure the boss away from the gate so you can reach to the Northern passage.
Press the second switch on the panel to finish off the boss.


Unlockable: Mercenary Mode (under Extra option)

Main Menu

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