Oct 29, 2009

Nintendo DSi LL Features and Specs

The 4 inches screen size DSi LL had been announced and will be released on 21th November 2009 in Japan with three different colours (image above). Here I got the spec about the changes of the DSi LL.

DSi LL Specification compare to the old DS
-DSi LL DSi DS Lite
Screen Size 4.2"3.25"3.0"
DisplayTFT color liquid crystal (260,000 colors)
Dimensions161 x 91.4 x 21.2 mm 137 x 74.9 x 18.9 mm 133 x 73.9 x 21.5 mm
Charge Time 3 hours 2 hours 30 minutes 3 hours
Battery Life Max brightness: 4-5 hrs
Min brightness: 13-17 hrs
Max brightness: 3-4 hrs
Min brightness: 9-14 hrs
Max brightness: 5-8 hrs
Min brightness: 15-19 hrs
DS & DSi Software
DSi Ware
DS Software
GBA Sofware
I/O Ports NDS Card Slot
SD Card Slot
AC adapter
Mic Terminal
NDS Card slot
GBA Card Slot
AC adapter
Mic Terminal

NDSi LL Official Site

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