Nov 4, 2009

Play old PSP games with the PSP Go!

Can you play the old UMD games from PSP with the new PSP Go?

Okay, it's not a big news but since so many people still asking whether the new PSP Go able to play back the old PSP games that were released in UMD? So here's a little informations for all of you guys.

The PSP Go does not intergrate the UMD drive so any UMD games for the original PSP are playable on the PSP Go. However, on 1st Oct 2009, all PSP games that were sold on UMD will be downloadable for PSP Go from the PSN (PlayStation Network).

The news comes from Sony social media manager and chocolate gorgon Jeff Rubenstein, who stated that: "It's my understanding that just about everything hitting after October 1 will be available for download." He did add, however, that the availability of third party games were would depend upon the publisher.

Source from Destructoid

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