Nov 15, 2009

Going to be "Low Activity"

No choise, I have to start "earning money" for my life, as a common person in the world. Yea, my English still not improve that much ^.^ I really appreciate all people whoever give me support and cheer for me when I'm "joblessly" writting game guide, that's an awesome moment in my life, thanks all my supporters.

In the future, I hope I still can continue writting game guide, but it would be much lesser than what I did in the last few years because of my limited time, maybe just 1 in a few years. As for this blog, I will only update when I really have some free time to do so, probably when I planned to start a new guide :P

The actual sephirosuy in other website:
(the "sephirosuy" not listed below probably not me)

WebsitesName (status)
www.gamefaqs.comsephirosuy (active)
www.gametrailers.comsephirosuy (inactive) sephirosuy (inactive)
www.gamerhelp.comsephirosuy (inactive)
www.supercheats.comsephirosuy (inactive)
www.neoseeker.comsephirosuy (inactive)
www.ign.comSodiac (inactive)
mycheats.1up.comsephirosuy (inactive) (inactive)
Yahoo IDsephiroth_y (active)
Google accountsephirosuy (active)



Berserker said...

Haha. You're not the only one "joblessly" writing guides at the moment. ;) I'll have to slow down soon myself so I can get some type of employment as well.

Good luck to you in the future. You're easily one of my favorite FAQ writers and a good friend! :)

Anonymous said...

Sephirosuy you're great :)

sephirosuy said...

^ Thank you, just try my best.

Same to you ^.^ Money is more important in the world, we have to earn it lol

Anonymous said...

aw man, I was really hoping for a Phantasy Star Zero guide