Jan 10, 2010

FFCC - Echoes of Time Items give away

Since I have stopped playing the game, and perhaps I won't play that much in my future, I think better present my items to other players? For those who're still farming in the game... if you guys needs the rare items and lazy to get it by your own, just let me know here, I'll try to find it in my inventory list. I'll find a time for me to online and drop the needed items. This is what I can do for the players beside my game guides. Hence I left my hand from the game (about half year), the "details" in the game are being disappear in my mind, I apologize for any questions that I not able to answer.



Berserker said...

Good to see that you're still offering to help other players. I still haven't quit FAQ writing just yet. There's a Darkside Chronicles game that hasn't been covered on GameFAQs just yet. ;)

I'm sure you'll come back with a guide eventually. All it takes is a bit of motivation. It's very hard to stop, Seph, no matter what you're currently doing.

Trying to quit FAQ writing is like trying to quit smoking. It's hard to stop for long and so easy to get hooked on again. xD

sephirosuy said...

Yup, I'm not "fully" quit it, but only during my free moment. Too bad so far I can't get any free at this moment :(

I'll come back with a guide, but I think no longer a full walkthrough, what I plan to do is write the game's data base, it seems even useful than a walkthrough, and it doesn't need much of writing skill :p

Berserker said...

You're really good at listing items! I've noticed that in your guides. That's one of my weak points.

I can't stand doing lists. I'd rather write narratives. xD

I'll be looking for your extra in-depth FAQs then. Always a pleasure. ;)

And yeah, I know what you mean about in-depth FAQs sometimes being more useful. Usually the more hardcore gamers want to view a list of items for completion purposes rather than a full walkthrough.

ZeronE said...

helo Seph, do you write write Final Fantasy 13 FAQ/guide? love your maps so much, they different with the maps I read from Gamefaqs

sephirosuy said...


Listing things is much easier than a walkthrough for me lol There are also certain type of readers don't like it depending on my survey from the GameFAQs boards, mostly they like to get a full completed guide and use it until the end of the game.


I planned to do a game data base, but do not expect it can be done so soon lol

I actually in a process of making a simple iPhone game with few or my colleague, but I've no idea when could it be done since we are all beginner in this kind of business. After that, I would start on the guide.

CBerry said...

Hey, are you still helping like this? i've been using your site for a while...just I can't seem to get enough money for the Layle gear :/ - catch me at cberry.1993@live.co.uk