Nov 6, 2009

Today in History - Prince of Persia: tSoT

Consider a big series on PS2, Prince of Persia! The Sands of Time was the first title of the series for released on 6th November 2003 (US). The game is about embark on a journey of scorched sands and ancient legends. A young prince, drawn to the dark powers of a magic dagger, unleashes a deadly evil upon a beautiful kingdom. Guide the Prince on his quest to reverse the curse by using the Sands of Time, a power which allows you to erase the past, see into the future and slow down the present. Perform gravity-defying acrobatics and swashbuckling attacks in a staggering array of landscapes and kingdoms. Restore peace to the land and fulfill your destiny.

Other games released today:
- Bloody Roar (PS, JPN, year 1997)
- Siren (PS2, JPN, year 2003)
- Glass Rose (PS2, JPN, year 2003)


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