Dec 1, 2010

Fallout: New Vegas - Armor & Outfits

Name - The name of the eqiuipment.
DT - Damage Threshold. The amound of damage you can expect the equipment to block.
WT - Weight. How heavy of the equipment.
Val - Value. Selling price. (Original value)
HP - Health. The HP of the equipment when in full condition.
Quest - Whether the gear is a crucial part of a main or side quest.
Size - Size indicates how bulky the equipment is.
Effect - Extra effectiveness of the equipment.
PA - Power Armor. This shows whether the equipment requires the Power Armor Training perk to wear or not.


- ARMOR (Light) -

Advanced Radiation Suit6720025No26Rad. Res. +40No
Caesar's Armor531500450No0Survival +5,
Speech +5
Chinese Stealth Armor1220500100No0Sneak +5No
Gladiator Armor1915160150Yes0AGL -1No
Explorer's Gear 8350100No25Melee Weap. +2,
Guns +2
Great Khan Armored Leather87100100No23NoneNo
Great Khan Simple Armor57100100No0NoneNo
Great Khan Soldier Armor57100100No0NoneNo
Great Khan Suit Armor57100100No0NoneNo
Legion Explorer Armor410120150No0NoneNo
Legion Praetorian Armor1212300150No0NoneNo
Legion Prime Armor815220200No0NoneNo
Legion Recruit Armor612200180No26NoneNo
Legion Veteran Armor1016300250No0NoneNo
Leather Armor615160150No26NoneNo
Leather Armor, Reinforced10151200250No0NoneNo
Powder Gang Guard Armor58100100No0NoneNo
Raider Badlands Armor415180100No24NoneNo
Raider Blastmaster Armor415180100No26NoneNo
Raider Painspike Armor425180100No27NoneNo
Raider Psycho-Tic Armor132015No17NoneNo
Raider Sadist Armor415180100No25NoneNo
Space Suit107800100No0Rad. Res. +40No
Vault 34 Security Armor161570100No0NoneNo

- ARMOR (Medium) -

Combat Armor15256500400No27NoneNo
Combat Armor, Reinforced17258000650No0NoneNo
Combat Armor, Reinforced
Mark 2
Gannon Family Tesla Armor 26458200400No30NoneYes
Legion Centurion Armor1835800450No0NoneNo
Legion Vexillarius Armor1426600350No0NoneNo
NCR Bandoleer Armor1026300400No0NoneNo
NCR Face Wrap Armor1026300400No0NoneNo
NCR Mantle Armor1026300400No0NoneNo
NCR Military Police Armor1026300400No0NoneNo
NCR Ranger Aombat Armor20307500600No0NoneNo
NCR Ranger Patrol Armor1525390500No27NoneNo
NCR Trooper Armor1026300400No23NoneNo
Recon Armor17207200400No0Sneak +5No
Van Graff Combat Armor16256500400Yes0NoneNo

- ARMOR (Heavy) -

Brotherhood T-45d
Power Armor
224545001000No32STR +2, AGL -2,
Rad. Res. +10
Brotherhood T-51b
Power Armor
254052002000No0STR +1,
Rad. Res. +25
Metal Armor12301100100No25AGL -1No
Metal Armor,
16303500250No25AGL -1No
NCR Salvaged
Power Armor
204030001000No31AGL -2No
Remnants Power Armor28456500400No30STR +1,
Rad. Res. +15
T-45d Power Armor224545001000No0STR +2, AGL -2,
Rad Res. +10
T-51b Power Armor254052002000No27STR +1,
Rad. Res. +25


Crocker's Suit
Benny's Auit13390100No0Barter +5,
Speech +5
Boomer Flightsuit416100No0NoneNo
Boomer Jumpsuit416100No0NoneNo
Bounty Hunter Duster 6370150No26CHR +1, Guns +5No
Brahmin-skin Outfit026100No26AGL +1, END +1No
Bright Brotherhood Robe226100No0NoneNo
Brotherhood Elder's Robe128100No0NoneNo
Brotherhood Scribe Robe226100No25NoneNo
Caravaneer Outfit215180100No75NoneNo
Chained Prostitute
Civilian Engineer
016100No0Repair +5No
Dapper Gambler Suit016100No0NoneNo
Dirty Pre-War Businesswear028100No25Speech +5 No
Dirty Pre-War Casualwear 026100No25AGL +1 No
Dirty Pre-War Parkstroller Outfits 0105100No23AGL +1No
Dirty Pre-War Relaxedear 056100No25AGL +1No
Dirty Pre-War Spring Outfits 015100No23AGL +1No
Exposed Prostitute Outfit02390400No0NoneNo
Fancy Gambler Suit016100No0NoneNo
Field Hand Outfit215180100No0NoneNo
Followers Doctor Coat028100No0Science +5No
Followers Lab Coat021695No0Medicine +10, Science +10No
Formal Wear0112025No0NoneNo
General Oliver's Uniform010100No26CHR +2, AP +20No
Grimy Pre-War Businesswear 026100No25Speech +5No
Handyman Jumpsuit016100No25Repair +5No
Jailhouse Rocker2150100No0NoneNo
Kings Outfit116100No0NoneNo
Lab Technician Outfit028100No27Science +5No
Memphis Kid Outfit016100No0NoneNo
Merc Adventure Outfits 1850100No24Melee Weap. +2, Guns +2 No
Merc Chamer Outfits 1150100No25Melee Weap. +2, Guns +2No
Merc Grunt Outfits 1150100No28Melee Weap. +2, Guns +2No
Merc Troublemaker Outfits 1150100No25Melee Weap. +2, Guns +2No
Merc Veteran Outfits 1150100No24Melee Weap. +2, Guns +2No
NCR Engineer Jumpsuit 016100No26Repair +5 No
NCR Trooper Fatigues 226300100No0NoneNo
Naughty Nightwear01200400No22Speech +10,
LCK +1
Powder Gang Plain Outfit0315100No23NoneNo
Powder Gang Simple Outfit0315100No0NoneNo
Powder Gang Soldier Outfit0315100No0NoneNo
Pre-War Casualwear028100No25NoneNo
Pre-War Parkstroller Outfit026100No23AGL +1No
Pre-War Relaxedwear028100No25AGL +1No
Pre-War Spring Outfit028100No23AGL +1No
President Kimball's Suit026100No25Speech +5No
Prospector Outfit215180100No0NoneNo
Prostitute Outfit02390400No0NoneNo
Radiation Suit 456015No26Rad. Res. +30 No
Ranger Casual Outfit016100No0NoneNo
Ranger Red Scarf Outfit016100No0NoneNo
Ranger Vest Outfit016100No0NoneNo
Regulator Duster 0370150No26CHR +1, Guns +5 No
Robco Jumpsuit016100No26Repair +5No
Roving Trader outfit026100No24Barter +5No
Scientist Outfit328100No27Science +5 No
Settler Outfit215180100No0NoneNo
Sexy Sleepwear016100No22CHR +1No
Shabby Gambler Suit016100No0NoneNo
Sheriff's Duster 0 3 35 150 No 0 CHR +1, Guns +5 No
Slave Rags016100No0NoneNo
Sleepwear0110100No22CHR +1 No
Vault 11 Jumpsuit116100No33Melee Weap +2,
Speech +2
Vault 19 Jumpsuit016100No0Melee Weap +2,
Speech +2
Vault 21 Jumpsuit016100No33Melee Weap +2,
Speech +2
Vault 22 Jumpsuit016100No0Melee Weap +2,
Speech +2
Vault 24 Jumpsuit016100No0Melee Weap +2,
Speech +2
Vault 3 Jumpsuit016100No0Melee Weap +2,
Speech +2
Vault 3 Utility jumpsuit0110100No0Repair +5,
Lockpick +5
Vault 34 Jumpsuit016100No0Melee Weap +2,
Speech +2
Vault Lab Uniform016100No29Science +5No
Viva Las Vegas516100No1NoneNo
Wasteland Doctor Fatigues026100No28Medicine +5No
Wasteland Settler Outfit226100No23AGL +1, END +1No
Wasteland Surgeon Outfit026100No28Medicine +5No
Wasteland Wanderer Outfit226100No34AGL +1, END +1No
Well-Heeled Gambler Suit016100No0NoneNo
White Glove Society Attire0112025No0NoneNo

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