Dec 1, 2010

Fallout: New Vegas - Difficulty Levels

Here's the table of the damage differences in each level

Difficulty Level Damage taken
from enemy
Damage dealed
to enemy
Very Easy 50%200%
Normal (default) 100%100%
Very Hard 200%50%

- Hardcore Mode -

Hardcore mode has nothing related with the damage rates, but it adds other challenges to the gameplay which are listed below. However, beating the game with Hardcore mode enabled (from start to end) will get you a "Hardcore" archievement.

- All ammo has weight.
- Companions can die.
- Stimpaks no longer heal instantly, but rather over time.
- Character needs to eat food, drink, and sleep to survive.
- Crippled limbs cannot be healed with Stimpaks or by resting.

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