Apr 5, 2011

Nintendo 3DS Star Pics & some user tips

AR Games is one of the outstanding feature of Nintendo 3DS. The game occurs with the AR Card that came together with the 3DS. After the first AR Game "Archery" has been completed, more options will become available and Star Pics is one of them (top mid box). The picture above is a result of capturing these Star Pics with my 3DS, you will see the character from the cards pop up in your 3DS screen, rearrange their positions to make your picture become interesting. But remember you should do this in the "AR Games" to get the result not under the "Camera".

Next, we talk about saving the pictures into your PC. It's as simple as most other camera of handphones.

- Remove your SD Card from the 3DS and insert to the PC
- Open "DCIM" folder in the SD Card device
- The picture that captured with your 3DS should be here, so backup that folder



I believe most people knew it, but in order to active it, should I active the StreetPass feature again after power off? Should I run the game before putting my 3DS into sleep mode?

Here's the answer for most FAQ. Once you active the StreetPass of the game, it will remain activated in your 3DS even if you have closed the game. You may activate up to 12 StreetPass in once. To check the activated StreetPass, go under "System Settings" -> "Data Management" -> "StreetPass Management".


Friend Code

Your Friend Code can be found in the "Smile icon" in the Home menu, it's located at the top of the touch screen. You also able to add/register new friend over there and maximum 100 friends can be stored in the Friend List. To delete friend, tap the "Settings" button and pick "Delete Friend Card".


Play Coins

Play Coin is earning according to how many steps taken during the 3DS in sleep mode.
100 steps taken = 1 Play Coin
Maximum 10 Play Coin per day
Maximum 300 Play Coins can be store at once

Actually as long as the 3DS is moving in the sleep mode the steps are counted, this means just hold your 3DS and swing does work, but I'm gonna inform you that you have 5% chance toss away your 3DS by accident in each swing (^.^)


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