Apr 5, 2011

Resident Evil series 15th Anniversary!

Resident Evil (aka Biohazard in Japan), if you can't remember when was the first one came out, this trailer tells you it's 15th Anniversary! The first Resident Evil was released in March 1996 for PlayStation and "survives" until now and keep on going. "Realizing your nightmare for 15 years...". The gaming experiences are getting advanced and improved, but for myself, I still like to play it in the classic camera view (example RE1-3, Outbreak...), not sure whether have chance to get one more classic camera RE in the future?

Check out the awesome trailer above which includes some footage of RE Code Veronica X, RE4 HD; RE Revelations, The Mercenaries 3D, and nevertheless, RE Operation Raccoon City!

Additional info, the REORC official site is here.

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