Apr 12, 2011

Run and shoot in the two coming up Resident Evil

You can run and shoot, simultaneously, in the next two Resident Evil games, or all in the future? In the coming up Resident Evils, The Mercenaries 3D (3DS) and Operation Raccoon City (X360/PS3), you won't have to stop to shoot in either, you can run-and-gun!

Raccoon City is a team-based shooter, meant to be played either as black ops squad in its storyline campaign or as a competitive shootout in its multiplayer. In either mode, the game controls like a standard third-person shooter, letting you walk or run, shooting the whole time.

In the Mercenaries 3D, a Nintendo 3DS expansion of a mode that appeared in Resident Evil 4 and 5, sans running-and-gunning, players can aim down their gun's sights and then hustle, shooting when they want to. This game is played for points, the more you rack up per consecutive zombie kill, the better.

One of the creators of RE: The Mercenaries 3D, Tsukasa Takenaka said that the choice to let players move while shooting was easy for Mercenaries 3D. "The goal of of this game isn't the traditional goal of creating a Resident Evil horror atmosphere," he said. "Mercenaries is totally focused on the action and creating a more fast-paced game that is very different than the other Resident Evil games in the series."

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