Sep 9, 2007

Filo's Memento

Talk to Filo in the Sky Saloon to change the decorations.
Here's a list of requirement to unlock all decorations.

Colorful FlowerbedSkirmisherWin 5 melee battles
Ephemeral FlowerbedCombatantWin 20 melee battles
Verdant FlowerbedWarlordWin 100 melee battles

Marble FountainFortune HunterObtain 100,000 gil
Gleaming FountainRobber BaronObtain 500,000 gil
Ardan FountainMerchant PrinceObtain 1,000,000 gil

Wings of the WarbirdBeastmasterEnlist 12 Espers
Viera IdolGrand IllusionistEnlist 25 Espers
Tomato TrophyMaster SummonerEnlist all Espers

Bronze CrestClan LeaderGet 10% mission completion
Silver CrestTrained TacticianGet 25% mission completion
Gold CrestExpert StrategistGet 45% mission completion
Seraphic CrestBrilliant VisionaryGet 70% mission completion
Empyreal CrestRevenant SlayerGet 100% mission completion

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Anonymous said...

about the "win 100 melee battle" the midlight's deep count as 10 win ora just 1?

sephirosuy said...

Probably Midlight's Deep count as 0. I'm not sure for this actually but it won't be 10, better you go for the melee battles.

xiandra said...

Actually, Midlight's Deep counts for something. Since I have been able to get the best flowerbed from doing it.

sephirosuy said...

I see, thanks for notifying.

Anonymous said...

if you complete =10 if u do stage =1

Joe said...

For the fountains: Do you have to have that much gil in your pocket, or is it a total of all the gil you've accumulated independent of your spending?