Feb 19, 2010

Final Fantasy XIII - Component List

Many components can be dropped by various enemies, I just list down partial of them that are easier to be found.

*[Dis.] = Dismantle part (based on maxed equipment)
*[Rwd.] = Reward

- Organic Components -

Begrimed Claw 4+4[Drop] Alpha/Proto/Kaiser Behemoth -15
Bestial Claw 11+10[Shop] Creature Comforts (CH8) 8040
Gargantuan Claw 24+15[Shop] Creature Comforts (CH11) 15075
Hellish Talon 42+24[Drop] Kaiser Behemoth (rare),
Humbaba (rare), Proto-Behemoth (rare)
Shattered Bone 4+8[Drop] Succubus, Yaksha, Yakshini -15
Sturdy Bone 12+14[Shop] Creature Comforts (CH5) 8040
Otherworldly Bone 24+21[Shop] Creature Comforts (CH10) 15075
Ancient Bone 43+31[Drop] Yaksha (rare), Yakshini (rare) -110
Moistened Scale 3+5[Drop] Sahagin, Orobon, Dagonite -15
Seapetal Scale 11+11[Drop] Sahagin (rare) -40
Abyssal Scale 23+16[Drop] Orobon (rare) -75
Seaking's Beard 40+25[Drop] Dagonite (rare) -110
Segmented Carapace 4+7[Drop] Navidon, Scalebeast -15
Iron Shell 13+13[Shop] Creature Comforts (CH8) 8040
Armored Shell 26+20[Shop] Creature Comforts (CH11) 15075
Regenerating Carapace 47+30[Drop] Gurangatch (rare) -110
Chipped Fang 4+7[Drop] Gorgonopsid, Managarmr-15
Wicked Fang 13+13[Shop] Creature Comforts (CH5) 8040
Monstrous Fang 26+20[Shop] Creature Comforts (C10) 15075
Sinister Fang 47+30[Drop] Uridimmu -110
Severed Wing 3+6[Drop] Amphisbaena -15
Scaled Wing10+12[Shop] Creature Comforts (CH5) 8040
Abominable Wing 21+17[Shop] Creature Comforts (CH10)
[Drop] Ushumgal Subjugator (1st time)
Menacing Wings 37+26[Drop] Zimitra-110
Molted Tail 4+8[Drop] Triffid, Mushussu-15
Barbed Tail 12+14[Shop] Creature Comforts (CH8) 8040
Diabolic Tail 24+21[Shop] Creature Comforts (CH11) 15075
Entrancing Tail 43+31[Drop] Mushussu (rare) -110
Torn Leather 3+5[Drop] Gremlin, Garchimacera, Ahriman,
Imp, Leyak, Rangda, Adroa
Thickened Hide 11+11[Shop] Creature Comforts (CH5) 8040
Smooth Hide 23+16[Shop] Creature Comforts (CH10) 15075
Supple Leather 40+25[Drop] Adroa (rare) -110
Gummy Oil 5+6[Drop] Alraune, Crawler -15
Fragrant Oil 14+12[Shop] Creature Comforts 8040
Medicinal Oil 29+19[Shop] Creature Comforts 15075
Esoteric Oil 47+29[Drop] Alraune (rare) -110
Scraggly Wool 2+7[Rwd.] Sheep quest in Archylte Steppe -15
Rough Wool 9+13[Rwd.] Sheep quest in Archylte Steppe -40
Thick Wool 19+18[Rwd.] Sheep quest in Archylte Steppe -75
Fluffy Wool 33+27[Rwd.] Sheep quest in Archylte Steppe -110
Murky Ooze 4+8[Drop] Flan -15
Vibrant Ooze 12+14[Shop] Creature Comforts 8040
Transparent Ooze 24+21[Shop] Creature Comforts 15075
Wonder Gel 49+31[Drop] Ectopudding -110
Fractured Horn 3+6[Drop] Goblin -15
Spined Horn 10+12[Drop] Munchkin -40
Fiendish Horn 21+17[Drop] Goblin -75
Infernal Horn 37+26[Drop] Borgbear -110
Strange Fluid 5+6[Drop] Ceratosaur -15
Enigmatic Fluid 14+12[Shop] Creature Comforts 8040
Mysterious Fluid 29+19[Shop] Creature Comforts 15075
Ineffable Fluid 43+29[Drop] Ceratosaur -110
Cie'th Tear 6+10[Drop] Seeker, Ghoul -15
Tear of Frustration 12+14[Drop] Pijavica, Ghoul (rare) -40
Tear of Remorse 24+24[Drop] Seeker, Taxim (rare) -75
Tear of Woe 49+40[Drop] Vampire (rare) -110
Red Mycelium 6+10[Dis.] Ribbon (acc),
Hunter's Rod (Vanille's weapon)
Blue Mycelium22+21[Dis.] Speed Sash (acc),
Binding Rod (Vanille's weapon)
White Mycelium48+34[Dis.] Kaiser Knuckles (acc),
Magistral Crest (acc)
Black Mycelium84+51[Dis.] Super Ribbon (acc)
Nirvana (upgraded from Hunter's Rod),
Kain's Lance (Fang's weapon,
upgraded from Banescissor)
Dawnlight Dew 12+31Chocobo treasure hunting -500
Dusklight Dew 28+42Chocobo treasure hunting -850
Gloomstalk32+46[Drop] Microchu (rare), Picochu (rare) -1000
Sunpetal102+21[Drop] Ochu (rare), Neochu (rare) -1000
Moonblossom Seed 73+55[Drop] Bandersnatch -6000
Starblossom Seed 230+91[Drop] Bandersnatch -13000
Chocobo Plume 7+34Chocobo treasure hunting
[Drop] Cactuar, Cactuar Prime, Tonberry
Chocobo Tail Feather 29+29Chocobo treasure hunting
[Drop] Ochu, Flowering Cactuar
Succulent Fruit 10+55[Dis.] Collector Catalog (acc) -1750
Malodorous Fruit 7+21[Dis.] Connoisseur Catalog (acc) -4000
Green Needle 60+100[Shop] R&D Depot 70003500
Perfume180+120[Drop] Sacrifice -12500

- Mechanical Components -

Insulated Cabling 65-18[Shop] Lenora's Garage (CH4) 280140
Fiber-optic Cable 216-49[Shop] Lenora's Garage
[Drop] Falco Velocycle (rare)
Liquid Crystal Lens 70-19[Shop] Lenora's Garage (CH9) 320160
Ring Joint 208-59[Shop] Lenora's Garage (CH9)840420
Epicyclic Gear 66-20[Shop] Lenora's Garage (CH9)320160
Crankshaft215-47[Shop] Lenora's Garage (CH9)840420
Electrolytic Capacitor 68-20[Drop] Bulwarker, Uhlan -160
Flywheel204-48[Dis.] Vega 42s (Sazh's Weapon),
Vidofnir (Hope's Weapon)
Sprocket71-21[Dis.] Nue
(Hope's Weapon; upgraded from Jatayu)
Actuator220-46[Dis.] Edged Carbine (Lightning's Weapon) -420
Spark Plug 62-18[Drop] Pulsework Soldier/Knight,
Iridium Plug 102-48[Dis.] Helter-Skelter (Lightning's Weapon) -420
Needle Valve 70-21[Drop] Boxed Phalanx (rare) -160
Butterfly Valve 232-50[Drop] Ambling Bellows (rare) -420
Bomb Ashes 37-8[Drop] any Bomb type enemies -90
Bomb Fragment 82-27[Shop] Lenora's Garage (CH7) 430215
Bomb Shell 206-53[Drop] Circuitron (rare)
[Rwd.] from various Mark Missions
Bomb Core 551-78[Drop] Cryohedron (rare)
[Rwd.] from various Mark Missions
Analog Circuit 40-9[Drop] Hoplite, Boxed Phalanx, Cryptos -90
Digital Circuit 89-21[Drop] any Velocycle type enemies -230
Gyroscope149-34[Drop] Midlight Reaper, Megrim Thresher -330
Electrode434-56[Drop] Vernal Harvester -500
Ceramic Armor 147-35[Shop] Lenora's Garage (CH7) 660330
Chobham Armor 460-54[Drop] Bulwaker (rare) -500
Radial Bearing 64-20[Shop] Lenora's Garage 320160
Thrust Bearing 200-48[Drop] Pulsework Gladiator -420
Solenoid220-47[Drop] Hoplite (rare) -420
Mobius Coil 627-81[Drop] Vernal Harvester -800
Tungsten Tube 192-53[Drop] Juggernaut -420
Titanium Tube 565-84[Dis.] Warrior's Wristband (acc),
Sorcerer's Mark (acc),
Twenty-sided Die (acc),
Soul Blazer (Snow's weapon),

Indomitus/Save the Queen (Snow's),
Hresvelgr (Hope's weapon),
Tezcatlipoca/Nue (Hope's weapon),
Total Eclipse (Sazh's weapon;
up from Fomalhaut Elites)
Passive Detector 188-54[Shop] Lenora's Garage (CH7) 840420
Active Detector 582-82[Drop] Pulsework Centurion (rare) -750
Transformer42-9[Drop] Tyrant-90
Amplifier108-28[Shop] Lenora's Garage 520260
Carburetor274-55[Drop] Immortal -420
Supercharger774-82[Dis.] Nimbletoe Boots (acc),
Twenty-sided Die (acc)
Piezoelectric310-50[Shop] Lenora's Garage840420
Crystal Oscilator 845-79[Drop] Megrim Thresher -1000
Paraffin Oil 67-20[Shop] Lenora's Garage (CH4)320160
Silicone Oil 152-32[Shop] Lenora's Garage 660330
Synthetic Muscle 222-49[Dis.] Power Glove (acc),
Warrior's Wristband (acc)
Turboprop768-85[Dis.] Weirding Glyph (acc) -800
Turbojet212-46[Shop] Lenora's Garage (CH7) 840420
Tesla Turbine823-79[Drop] Anavatapta Warmech -900
Polymer Emulsion 48-18[Shop] Lenora's Garage (CH4) 200100
Ferroelectric Film 102-37[Shop] Lenora's Garage (CH4) 460230
Superconductor400-59[Shop] Lenora's Garage840420
Perfect Conductor 751-83[Shop] Lenora's Garage1600800
Particle Accelerator 4800-87[Shop] R&D Depot (CH11)
[Dis.] Adamant Bangle (acc),
from vaious weapons of
Ultracompact Reactor 40000-100

[Shop] R&D Depot (CH11)
[Dis.] Wurtzite Bangle (acc),
Growth Egg (acc),
from vaious weapons of

Credit Chip 1-1[Drop] Sanctum Archangel,
Psicom Destroyer, Psicom Dragoon
Incentive Chip 1-1[Drop] Sanctum Archangel (rare),
Psicom Destroyer (rare),
Psicom Dragoon (rare)
Cactuar Doll 1-1[Drop] any Cactuar type enemies (rare),
[Rwd.] Mark Mission 54
Moogle Doll 1-1Chocobo treasure hunting-18000
Tonberry Figurine 1-1[Drop] Tonberry (rare),
[Rwd.] Mark Mission 41
Plush Chocobo 1-1Chocobo treasure hunting-35000

- Mineral/Catalysts -

Gold Dust10Chocobo treasure hunting
[Drop] Adamanchelid
Gold Nugget 10Chocobo treasure hunting
[Drop] Shaolong Gui
Platinnum Ingot 10[Drop] Adamantortoise,
Adamantoise, Long Gui
Millerite00[Shop] The Motherlode (CH8) 30001000
Rhodochrosite00[Shop] The Motherlode (CH8)80002000
Cobaltite00[Shop] The Motherlode (CH8)170003000
Perovskite00[Shop] The Motherlode (CH8)300004000
Uraninite00[Shop] The Motherlode (CH8)450005000
Mnar Stone 00[Shop] The Motherlode (CH10)600006000
Scarletite00[Shop] The Motherlode (CH11)
[Drop] Adamanchelid (rare)
Adamantite00[Shop] R&D Depot 2200008000
Dark Matter 00[Shop] R&D Depot
[Drop] Shaolong Gui (rare)
Trapezonhedron00[Shop] R&D Depot,
[Drop] Adamantortoise (rare),
Adamantoise (rare), Long Gui (rare)
[Dis.] Genji Glove (acc)
from various ultimate weapons

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