Oct 24, 2007

The coming out games for NDS!

As mentioned before, many great RPGs (NDS) are coming out in the end of this year and I'm going to get some. Below is the list them which seem good for me, but of cause there're more than this, I only list down those are attracting and see whether your taste is same like mine

25th OCT 2007
Final Fantasy A2 (JPN) by Square Enix
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Like strategy style? Try this.

06th NOV 2007
Dragon Quest Monster: Joker (US) by Square Enix (already out in Japan)
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Erm... looks good.

13th NOV 2007
Dungeon Explorer (JPN) by Hudson
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Imagine something like Diablo plays in your NDS :-)

13th NOV 2007
Orcs & Elves (US) by EA
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Heard this game in other platform is quite popular, hope it won't disappoint. This remind me the House of Dead :p

22th NOV 2007
Dragon Quest IV (JPN) by Square Enix
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Dragon Quest series is one of the best RPG in Japan.

29th NOV 2007
Gouma Reifu Den Izuna (JPN) by Success
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Since players recommend the other Izuna on NDS, hope they would make this better than that.

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