Mar 27, 2008

Ninja Gaiden DS - character data

Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword (NDS) all character data and artwork/image gallery. All these images will be unlocked after beating the game once, under "Prize" section which is showing as "???" in the main menu before unlocked.



Heir to the Dragon Lineage
and young Master of the
Hayabusa Clan.

After the near-destruction of
the Hayabusa Village in the
Black Dragon Blade Incident,
he helped rebuild and now
lives alongside the Ninjas
who survived the tragedy.



A female Ninja who trains
with Ryu every day in the
Hayabusa Village.

As the sister of Kureha,
who was killed by the Fiends,
Momiji is the last of the
Dragon Lineage shrine-



A Dragon Lineage shrine-
maiden who served the shrine
inside Hayabusa Village.
She grew up alongside Ryu,
but tragically lost her life
in Doku's attack during the
Dark Dragon Blade Incident.
As protector of the Eye of
the Dragon, she was loved by
the people of the village.



An old man who runs a
weapon and item shop.
He is an expert in all tools,
weapon, and magic from
both East and West.
He supported Ryu during
the Dark Dragon Blade

From time to time, he stops
in at the Hayabusa Village.



Lost his parents in the
destruction of the Hayabusa
Village during the Dark
Dragon Blade Incident.
The strength in his eyes
reminds many of Ryu as
a boy. Even at his young
age, Sanji is a master
swordman, able to wield
a sword in each hand.



A young boy of the Hayabusa
Village, he is quite good
with his hands despite his
plump appearance.

Sometimes happy, sometimes
a crybaby, Hanamaru always
keeps the village lively.
He has a crush on Sakura,
whom he follows around



A young girl who dreams
of becoming a Ninja
apprentice like Momiji.

She always looks at Ryu with
eyes full of adoration.

Sakura has a tendency to
want to act older than she
actually is.



A scholar of the Ninja
Arts, it isn't uncommon
to find him with a book
in each hand.

Even the adults in the
village acknowledge his
intelligence, which he uses
to assist Ryu.

Denroku's a poor swordman,
but he wants to be of help.



A born and bred Ninja
from the Hayabusa Village,
his vast experience and
wisdom is a great asset
to Ryu.

He has survived many a
bloody battle alongside
Ryu's father Joe Hayabusa.



A kind-hearted women
who watches over the
children of the village.

Her skill with the bow
is legendary. In her youth,
she known far and wide as
"Omitsu the Sharpshooter."



A sorceress who leads the
Black Spider Ninja Clan
in spite of her advanced
age of more than a hundred.

Aided by the Dark Dragon-
stones, she is a wizened
old woman capable of using
all manners of fearsome
magic and incantations.



The Ancient Greater Fiend
of annihilation, she is
deeply connected to the
Vigoor Empire that Ryu
toppled during the recent
Dark Dragon Blade Incident.



The Ancient Greater Fiend
of death and destruction.

She and Ishtaros are thought
to be twin Fiend sisters.



A Great Fiend of the
Vigoor Empire, he was the
one who destroyed the
Hayabusa Village, instigating
the Dark Dragon Blade
Incident. Althrough defeated
twice by Ryu, he has once
again returned to life as an
evil spirit hellbent on revenge.


Holy Vigoor Emperor

The Supreme Ruler of the
Vigoor Empire and the
mastermind behind the
Dark Dragon Blade Incident.
He attempted to become the
ultimate force of evil by
obtaining the malevolent
Dark Dragon Blade. With
this goal he sent Doku to
attack the Hayabusa Village.


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