Apr 8, 2008

Ninja Gaiden DS - Move List

Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword - Move List:

Basic MovesHow to input
Move characterTap and hold, then drag to any direction.
JumpSlide up
Double jumpSlide up x2
Guard/BlockAny button other than START and SELECT
Quick landingSlide when the character is falling
Roll/Reverse WindTap while guarding

Offense MovesHow to input
Shuriken/BowTap once
Horizontal slashSlide horizontally on the foe
Vertical slashSlide down on the foe
LiftAfter any slashing, slide up
Cicada DropSlide down while in the mid-air
Flying SwallowSlide horizontally while in the mid-air
Izuna DropSlide up after a successfully lift a foe
Ultimate TechniqueSlide VVVV and hold to charge, then release

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