Apr 2, 2008

Ninja Gaiden DS - Secrets and Tips


  • Head Ninja mode

  • Beat the game once on Normal mode

  • Master Ninja mode

  • Beat the game once on Head Ninja mode

  • Master Kunoichi mode

  • Beat the game once on Normal mode.
    Defeat the Red Dragon boss at the beginning of the game with Momiji.
    This mode allows you to play as "Rin"; actually she's the unmasked Momiji.
    Here's a video guide of the battle with Red Dragon by using Momiji.

  • Prize

  • Beat the game once on Normal mode.
    The availablities under this section are based on your Wood Amulets collection.


  • Happy Birthday sound

  • Play the game on your birthday (depends on your NDS setting), you will get a special "Happy Birthday" sound effect when you start the game! Instead of the usual sound effect when you tap the start screen.
    (credit: amityville27)

  • Shoot for Blue Essence

  • In the Forest of Shadows, some Concentric Circles are around the Dragon Statue. Shoot the Concentric Circle to spawn the Blue Essence. But this is quite useless since the Dragon Statue is here.


  • Quick Ultimate Technique

  • The speed of the Ultimate Technique charge time is actually based on the quantity of Essences around. The more Essences are spawned (before you absorb), the faster Ultimate Technique you will get. You can charge a max level Ultimate Technique instantly as long as the floating Essences are enough.

  • Keep The Essence Floating

  • As mention above, floating Essences shorten your Ultimate Technique charge time. Because the Essences will be obtained when your character has no action (attack), so other than keep slashing the enemies, press any button to guard or perform Reverse Wind are another ways to hold the Essences in the air.

  • "Paint" a Ninpo

  • Actually it's not necessory to follow the Ninpo letter as it shows on the screen, you can slide over the letter until the letter is fully filled with colour. And... the Ninpo is done.

  • Fake Ninpo Protection

  • Tap the Ninpo symbol at top left corner to perform a Ninpo, and your character will become invincible while charging up the Ninpo. Tap return symbol at bottom right to cancel it so you don't waste your Ninpo. This is quite useful when you couldn't dodge certain attacks from the enemy at the right moment.


    John said...

    Also in the village when you jump out of the well, there is some kind of sign facing inwards towards the village, if u throw shuriken(spelling?) at it you can get infinite blue essence. also useless unless u cant handle the first group of baddies.

    sephirosuy said...

    Hi John, thanks for the info.

    Anonymous said...

    how can u get up ur ki w/o red essence

    Anonymous said...

    How do you beat the Red dragon in chapter 1 with Momiji? I already watch your video guide, but I can't fight so good like that. any tips for me?